The player lists contain most of the NFL's projected starters and top backups at every position except offensive line, as of our deadline for the initial player list. We have tried to include most of the regular starters and top backups from last season, plus others who are projected to get more playing time in the upcoming season (including a few top draft picks). Along with each player, we've printed their Scoresheet player number (the first number listed), his total points earned last year using Scoresheet current formulas (the second number listed), his average rating per game he played last season, his age as of Opening Day, and his current NFL team. Players with a dash next to their name are unsigned as of the player list deadline to the best of our knowledge - in that case the team listed is the last team they played with. Also, players with a (1) next to their name were first round draft picks in this Spring's NFL draft. Players are sorted by position, and within each position, by their point totals from last season. We suggest you read through the entire list at each position, as it is NOT meant to be a ranking of how good we consider players to be. A better player may have been hurt last year, and so he may appear near the end of the list at his position.

These lists are certain to be missing a few players whom you feel will make an impact during the upcoming season. Feel free to list whomever you want on your draft list - you are NOT limited to the players shown. But you do need to specify a player's full name, position, and NFL team if he's not shown on our lists (we can't draft someone for your team if we do not know who he is). Remember, a player will be valuable to you only if he plays in the NFL that week. You should consider who else is on his NFL team - even a good player won't help you much if he's stuck on the bench behind an All-Pro.

NOTE: Defensive players only score defensive points, and offensive players only score offensive points! Players can ONLY be used at the position shown in the draft lists for the entire upcoming season.

          Current NFL Player List for Scoresheet Fantasy Football

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