These are just a few of the testimonials the many satisfied Scoresheet players have sent us:

Video testimonials from industry experts:
Fantasy Baseball the Experts Agree On
Ron Shandler's Favorite Fantasy Baseball Game
Sean Forman recommends Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball
Jeff Erickson from Rotowire loves playing Scoresheet fantasy baseball
Todd Zola from talks about Scoresheet fantasy baseball

From Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports baseball expert:
"One night I found myself glued to the computer, living and dying with every at-bat, hoping, praying, ultimately losing. I wanted to stop. I couldn't. Because there is something so alluring about Scoresheet Baseball, so different from every other fantasy game, so much better, that it was useless.

Four years later, the addiction happily rages on."

From Ron Shandler, author of "Baseball Forecaster" and publisher of
"My favorite game is still Scoresheet Baseball...I find Scoresheet to be the perfect combination of current stats and real world simulation...Play the game, you'll love it!"
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From Jeff Erickson, Managing Editor of Rotowire and co-host of Rotowire Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM:
"Play Scoresheet Baseball. It is the most accurate, fun simulation game out there... I can not recommend it highly enough."
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From Bruce Taylor, owner/publisher of Fantasy Index magazine:
Traditional fantasy baseball games are mostly about player acquisition -- drafting well and adding players through the year. Those skills are important in Scoresheet too, but in Scoresheet you actually manage your team. You set a batting order (vs. lefties and righties), you decide when each player should bunt and whether to steal, and you choose when pitchers are replaced. Defense counts, too. Using the current week's stats, your team plays 162 actual games against other teams -- and you get a play-by-play scoresheet for each game.
Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball is easy to play, and it doesn't eat your life. My season won't crater if I take my family to the beach for a couple of weeks. Scoresheet Baseball's computer automatically puts backup players into the lineup if the starters are injured.

From Sean Forman, Founder of
"Scoresheet is the only game that I've seen that combines defense and positional scarcity in any meaningful way. It's the only fantasy game that I play..."
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From Gary Huckabay, co-founder Baseball Prospectus:
Scoresheet is the ONLY baseball game I play!

From Lawr Michaels, founder/owner
I have played in a large number of fantasy and simulation leagues, from straight rotisserie ball, to nfbc rules, to Strat-O-Matic and Scoresheet over the years. The games that give me the most pleasure are the sim games, like Strat, and especially Scoresheet. For it is within the Scoresheet format that most of the variables and possibilities that truly reflect the nuance of the game on the field, is pretty well replicated.
As important, I find the players who make up the Scoresheet community to be among the most knowledgeable about not just players, but the game of baseball as any I have stumbled across in all those leagues in all those years. The combination of game complexity and tough competition that Scoresheet affords makes the game an unbeatable combination.

From Todd Zola, of
"If you want something more realistic, more related to the real game...check out Scoresheet. It's the way to go"
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From Rob McQuown, writer for Baseball Prospectus and Heater Magazine:
As a longtime 'replay simulation' and fantasy baseball player, my first season of playing Scoresheet introduced me to an outstanding combination of the best of both worlds. The GM-like aspects of managing an organization, from gathering prospects to sculpting a title contender through drafting and trading was the big draw for me, while I was able to enjoy the everyday drama that makes fantasy baseball compelling. Add to that the ability to set lineups for actual simulated games against real league-mates (instead of using arbitrary point systems or categories), and Scoresheet takes the trophy!

From Nate Stephens, writer for Rotoworld :
Scoresheet is the most realistic and fun baseball game out there. Period. Rotisserie baseball is great, but playing Scoresheet is much more like managing a real baseball team.

From J. Lowe:
I started playing Scoresheet Baseball in 1994. I have participated in at least two leagues every year since then. No matter how bad my season goes, I never once regretted the money I spend on Scoresheet. I get hours and hours of entertainment for little cost. When I started playing, I was playing with friends. Now I consider some of these people to be my best friends.

From B.Myers:
I have been playing Scoresheet baseball for more than 15 years. I tried several other fantasy baseball leagues before I settled on Scoresheet. Scoresheet makes me look at the big picture when I put a team together. I like having to consider defense, middle relief, and balancing the left-handed and right-handed hitters in my lineup. The things that cause teams to win in Scoresheet are the same things that cause teams to win in real-life. OPS, ERA, and WHIP matter much more than steals, RBIs, saves, or pitcher wins and losses. Thanks to the realism of Scoresheet, it feels like my fantasy team gets what it deserves.
I also have to say that Jeff Barton and the Scoresheet staff are extremely customer focused, and have been very accommodating in working with private leagues. The web interface gets better every year!
BL-USCL, BL-Mattingly, BL-Fisk, AL-121

From D. Holden:
I have been a Scoresheet FANatic for 20 years now. Ten years ago I began including my son as we compete head-to-head in one league and compete together in a different league. Scoresheet has provided us with many wonderful bonding moments. We have a wall full of plaques & trophies. My son is leaving for college this next year, so Scoresheet will continue to be a vessel to help keep us connected. I look forward to playing Scoresheet with my Grandson someday.

From J. Johnson
First season in 2013

This was my first year playing Scoresheet, and I can't begin to describe how much more enjoyable it is than the more common Fantasy options available on Yahoo, ESPN, etc. Thanks for a great product.

From L. Mandel:
I started playing Scoresheet Baseball in 1992 when I was living in Tokyo, Japan, and have been enjoying it ever since. (I played a rotisserie version one year, but it was boring -- I won the league but never returned). Perhaps most amazingly, though, Scoresheet keeps me in touch with friends around the world. As a U.S. diplomat, my two continuing leagues include other U.S. diplomats currently posted in India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Italy, Germany, Iraq and Kuwait, as well as Washington. We all get transferred every few years, but Scoresheet keeps us in touch not just with each other, but with our national pastime and our home country. Kudos to Jeff and company for creating the most realistic of fantasy baseball games, and for continually improving it.

Video Testimonial from L. Hayes:

From M. Brawley
Owner of back-to-back AL-122 champions The Dead-Red Sox

What can I say? I've tried just about every format of fantasy baseball over the last 20 years -- roto, head-to-head counting, points based, you name it -- but nothing is as much fun as Scoresheet. I've been one and as many as three teams every season since joining up. I enjoy filling out the detailed lineup cards, and since they went online it's even more fun to tweak to your heart's delight.

I love Scoresheet baseball and plan on competing for many, many years to come!

From R. Zimmerman:
As a Scoresheet Baseball owner since the 2nd year of its humble beginnings...there is nothing besides Scoresheet Baseball that even remotely approximates the real thing. Jeff and Dave Barton have allowed the owners, playing in this fantastic reality, to create lasting relationships and friendly rivalries. They have the integrity and the energy to provide attention to detail and constantly improve upon a product that was always pretty special, at a reasonable price, as well as the flexibility and diplomacy to successfully diffuse tensions between occasionally over-zealous owners.

The Scoresheet Baseball Staff has, in my experience, never failed to deliver a timely result to the week's endeavors.

The only thing missing is the "Star Spangled Banner" at the beginning of each game and "Take Me out To The Ball Game" in the middle of each 7th inning. If there is enough demand for it, I think Dave Barton could find a way to re-produce those experiences!

D. Holsapple
NL Mays & AL Sun God leagues

I started playing Scoresheet Baseball in 1987, and after 23 years I still believe it to be the best fantasy baseball game out there. I've looked at other formats over the years, but the Scoresheet Baseball simulation is easily the closet thing to the real game. Playing Scoresheet Baseball is like managing a real team, and it adds a lot of interest and enjoyment to the baseball summer. No matter how (good or bad) your MLB team is doing, you also have your Scoresheet players across the league to follow and root for. If you're a true baseball fan, Scoresheet Baseball is the game to play.

Thanks for all you guys do.

From B. Marquardt:
I've played BBM off and on since 1992. Left in the mid 90's (95 or 96 or 97, I think), came back for two seasons in the '00s (and came *this close* to winning one of those TVs), but I have left for good. Won't come back. Use to love it and thought it was the best thing going, but it's just not for me anymore for a number of reasons I don't have the time to go through now. The main reason, though, is because Scoresheet exists.

Why Scoresheet trumps BBM:
1. More reaslistic Sim
2. More about baseball player knowledge and less about "Money Management"
3. Don't have to be married to baseball on the PC each and every night.
4. Score-It (shows the simmed games actually being "played")

From R. Todd:
I used to play every type of fantasy sports game, all year long for every sport -- even sports I didn't follow. Now I only play Scoresheet baseball. There is no better simulation, there is no bigger challenge for the serious baseball fan.

From J. Loskie:
I've been playing Scoresheet Baseball since 1987. In those 23 years I have won the pennant 5 times and have won my division 14 times. In Scoresheet, as in real life baseball, you take the good with the bad. If your guys are having a bad year in the majors, you can bet that you're going to feel it. I have found that Scoresheet, in my opinion, is the most realistic way to enjoy the game.