Continuing leagues are designated P-NFL (P stands for perpetual). (NOTE: all numbered continuing leagues now use our web draft, so there is no longer any difference between a league designated P-NFL, eP-NFL or wP-NFL.)

Teams in continuing leagues keep 13 players from year to year, and drafts are held in the reverse order of the previous season's standings. Leagues with orphan teams in them are listed below. For a complete list of the continuing league rules, go to: Continuing Football League Rules.

If you are interested in taking over an available team, please open up the league rosters shown below until you find a team you like. Once you find a team, please Contact Us and let us know what team you would like to pick up. Team fees for continuing football teams are normally $54, but orphaned teams are now just $44 for the 2016 season.

Keeper lists will be due the first week of August.

This page is for openings in 'public' continuing leagues, with public meaning that Scoresheet finds the owners for the league and that the league follows all of our standard rules. There are also 'private' leagues that find their own owners and may have custom rules for number of keepers. If you are looking for a private league to join, or to start a private league, please check the Scoresheet Message Boards.

This list of available (orphaned) teams was updated as of 7-25-17.

NFL Seau team 1

P-NFL106 teams 5 & 6

P-NFL107 team 1

P-NFL109 team 4

P-NFL110 team 5

wP-NFL801 team 1

wP-NFL802 team 2

wP-NFL803 teams 6 & 11

wP-NFL804 teams 3 & 4

wP-NFL807 team 10

wP-NFL810 team 8

wP-NFL813 teams 9, 10 & 12

wP-NFL816 team 11

wP-NFL818 team 4

The league below (NFL Fynaardt Super16) is a keeper league that follows most of our normal keeper rules, except that it has 16 teams instead of the usual 12, and teams keep 9 players each year instead of hte normal 13. If you would like to pick up an orphan in NFL Fynaardt Super16 and thus play in a 16 team league please let us know.

NFL Fynaardt Super16 team 14