The Most Realistic Fantasy Sports Games in the Industry

All fantasy sports games are NOT created equal. No other fantasy game plays at the same level as Scoresheet. And it is no harder for you to play a more realistic game such as ours, it is just more fun! Unlike some fantasy sports systems, in Scoresheet you will play in real leagues, with a real draft. Scoresheet is not a 'pool' game or national "contest", where every owner in your fantasy baseball league can have Mike Trout on their team. At Scoresheet Fantasy Sports, you will be competing against, and talking trades with, real sports fans like yourself, and not just dealing with a computer.

  • Fantasy Baseball - fantasy baseball where your team will play simulated games based on the current week's MLB stats!

    The Draft is a Blast!

    Scoresheet Fantasy Sports offers a player drafting system that for 35 years has proven to be the best in the industry. We have developed a web-based drafting that allows you to adjust your draft list as often as you like - between every pick if you want. We post a draft schedule for every league and post draft results on our website in real time - our draft system gives you the same control as if you were at a live in-person draft.

    Join alone and we'll put you in a league with other team owners, drafting alongside and playing with some of the biggest fans in professional sports. Or join with friends or enough fellow fans to form a complete league, and you could draft in-person - the best party of the year!

    Scoresheet Helped Pioneer the Fantasy Sports Industry

    Scoresheet Fantasy Sports has been providing some of the best games in all of fantasy sports for 35 years. Scoresheet has been featured nationally in such publications as USA Today and Fantasy Football magazine, and on several sports talk shows and in many daily newspapers.

    The results of Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball are so realistic that Sports Weekly asked us to simulate an entire major-league season for one of their feature articles. The San Francisco Chronicle once said that "Comparing Scoresheet Baseball to other fantasy games is like comparing chess to checkers."

    Fantasy industry vets like Jeff Erickson (SiriusXM / Rotowire), Todd Zola (Mastersball.com), Ron Shandler (BaseballHQ.com), and Jeff Passan (Yahoo Sports) laud Scoresheet Baseball for its realism and fun. Once you play the game, we're confident you will feel the same!

    Customer Service is Our Top Priority

    With 35 years of experience in the fantasy sports industry, Scoresheet squarely beats the competition when it comes to reliability and promptness. At Scoresheet Fantasy Sports, we operate a full-time business servicing over 8,000 customers a year across the U.S. and Canada. You can be assured that results are always on time.

    Please contact us if you have any questions. Unlike many internet-only companies, if you call us you will be able to talk to a live person!

    Join the 8,000+ sports fans who play Scoresheet each year, and take your fantasy sports experience to a new level.