Continuing fanasy baseball leagues are designated either P-AL or P-NL ('P' stands for perpetual). All numbered continuing leagues now use our web draft, so there is no longer any difference between leagues designated with or without a 'w'.

Teams in our continuing leagues keep 13 players from year to year, and drafts are held in the reverse order of the previous season's standings. Leagues with orphaned (available) teams in them are listed below. If you are looking to join a league with a friend, a few of these leagues may have more than one available team.

Please note that the leagues shown on this page are all public Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball leagues (Scoresheet acts as the commissioner for the league, finds the league owners, and all standard Scoresheet continuing league rules are followed.) If you are in a private league (that finds its own owners and/or has custom rules) that has openings, the best place to advertise your available team(s) is on the Scoresheet Message Board. On that message board you can advertize openings in your league, post taht you are looking for a league to join, or oftentimes can also find brand new leagues that are forming and drafting from scratch.

The regular cost for a continuing league team is $89. But now that keepers are turned in and drafts are about to start (starting Feb 27 for ALs and March 1st for NLs) the available teams in our public leagues (the leagues shown below) can now be picked up for the discounted rate of $44 (half price) for the 2018 season.

If you are interested in taking over an available team, please take a look at any of the rosters of the teams below until you find a team you like. Once you find a team, please contact the Scoresheet office to claim it.

For a complete list of the public continuing league rules, go to: Continuing Fantasy Baseball League Rules.



P-AL145 - team 6

P-AL153 - teams 7 & 9

P-AL194 - team 3

P-AL322 - team 3

P-AL340 - team 1

P-AL502 - team 5

P-AL505 - team 3

wP-AL805 - team 8


P-NL109 - team 9

P-NL130 - team 9

P-NL153 - team 5

P-NL172 - team 6

P-NL196 - team 1

P-NL330 - teams 7

P-NL340 - team 10

P-NL505 - team 1

wP-NL806 - team 3

wP-NL807 - teams 5

wP-NL812 - team 7

 BLs (draft players from both AL & NL)   

BL leagues noted below follow all standard Scoresheet continuing league rules

no BL teams available at this time

 Originally Canadian Teams:   

Any named leagues listed below are also 'public' Scoresheet continuing leagues that follow our standard continuing league rules. They are listed separately because they were originally started out of our Canadian office (with Canadian team owners). But we have merged the USA and Canadian offices, so anyone can play in any Scoresheet league.

no available 'originally Canadian league' teams at this time.

For all other orphans on this page (other than BL Redleg) please contact the scoresheet office at