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Want to Play the Most Realistic Fantasy Baseball Game Ever?

At Scoresheet, we use your lineups, your strategy choices, and weekly current MLB player stats to simulate 6-7 games each week.

You can even watch your team play (see demo).

How realistic is this compared with other systems for fantasy baseball?

Strategy Features for Scoresheet Baseball
vs Other Fantasy Baseball Systems
product image Features Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, etc.
MLB Player Transactions
Yes Draft Yes
Yes Trade Yes
MLB Player Stats
Yes Use Stats from Past Week Yes
Yes Use basic stats: H, HR, SB, ERA, etc. Yes
Yes Use detailed stats: 1B, 2B, 3B, BB, etc. No
Scoring System
Yes Play Games No
Scoresheet/Box Score Display Results Tabulated Points
Hitting Strategy
Yes Set Batting Order No
Yes Set Platoons No
Yes Set Bunt Strategy No
Yes Set Pinch Hitting Strategy No
Pitching Strategy
Yes Set Starting Rotation Yes
Yes Set Criteria to Pull Pitchers No
Yes Set Lefty/Righty Matchups No
Yes Choose Closer No
Defensive Strategy
Yes Tradeoff Hitting vs Defense No
Yes Substitute by Position No
Fantasy Team Owners
High Commitment Level ?
Fast Response Time For Trades ?
High Baseball Knowledge ?


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