Players will qualify at new positions during the season as soon as they play 10 games at that position in the major leagues this year. In order to keep the qualification at that second position for next season, a player needs to play 20 games at that position this year.

Scoresheet will also qualify a player at a new position in week 1 before he plays 10 games at that position if that is "clearly his new PRIMARY position". The general rule of thumb for that week 1 early qualification is:

  • the player needs to start the majority of his team's games at that new position in his first week of play in the major leagues during the season;
  • the position should be the only position at which he plays; and
  • the position is the one the player is projected to be playing on a regular basis throughout the season.

At the end of the first week of the season, Scoresheet will retroactively qualify players at new positions effective for the Week 1 games if those positions are clearly going to be the new primary position throughout the season, even though no player is able to play 10 games at a position in the first week of games. After Week 1, players do not qualify at new positions until they play 10 games at that position.

When we qualify a player at a new position, the Scoresheet computer system determines a fielding range for him, which is then published with that week's results.

Listed below are the players who have qualified at new positions during the 2018 season.

Week 1: NONE YET

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