You can get links to player's 2023 original positions and fielding ranges, the player lists, etc. at:
  • Scoresheet player lists and rules
  • Players qualify at a new position during the season once they play 10 games at that new position in the majors. In addition, if at the start of the season a player is *clearly playing a new main position* then we do qualify them at that new position in week 1, which of course is before they have played 10 games. For determining early qualification we use a combination of games actually played at that new position week 1 and also whether he is being projected by his MLB team to be the regular everyday player at that position, meaning he at least seems virtually certain to get to 10 games there in the first couple of weeks of the season. If a player does meet both of those, then we wait until the player reaches the normal limit of 10 games played before qualifying him at a new position.

    The purpose of the early week 1 qualifying we do is to allow players who have been announced by their MLB team as playing/switching to a new main/everyday position for the upcoming season, and who also have actually played that new position in multiple games week 1, to be able to play that new position without penalty beginning week 1, when obviously no one could have 10 games played yet. It does take both games played week 1 and also a clear new main position (not just 1 or 2 games played at a position because the regular starter is injured) to get that early qualification.

    Please remember that even if a player is playing a new position this year he does still qualify at any positions he was listed at on the original 2023 player lists. Though to have the qualification at a second position for the next (2024) season they need to get to 20 games played at that position this year (not just 10.)

    This page will get updated every Friday and Monday morning each week of the season.

    These are the guys who have qualified at new positions so far in 2023:

    week 1: None yet.