Sample Batting and Bench Lineup Card

Below is a sample lineup card from a previous season. On one side of the card you starting lineup is shown, along with your bench players listed in the order you'd like them to use them, if necessary. As a Scoresheet owner, you have almost unlimited control of your team. Use the lineup card form to dictate who plays in case of injury, who steals, who sacrifice bunts and when, and who goes in as a pinch hitter, as well as for who gets pinch hit.

Your Name:  Randall Smith
Team Name:  Hit em Hard
Date Sent In:  Sample Lineup

                            Earliest                                     Earliest
                             Inning   Rank                                Inning   Rank
Starting Lineup              to Sac    or          Starting Lineup        to Sac    or
    vs. RHP      Pos  Steal?  Bunt   PH for            vs. LHP      Pos    Bunt   PH for 
   Jon Jay        OF     Y      7       6             Logan Morrison OF      7       6
   Aaron Hill     2B     Y      3       10            Aaron Hill     2B      5       8
   Ad. Gonzalez   1B     Y      -       2             Matt Holliday  LF      -       1
   Matt Holliday  LF     N      -       1             Corey Hart     RF      -       2
   Albert Pujols  DH     N      -       3             Albert Pujols  DH      9       3
   Corey Hart     RF     Y      -       4             Ad. Gonzalez   1B      9       4
   Ty Wigginton  1B-3B   N      9       5             Scott Rolen    3B      8       5
   Yadier Molina  C      N      6       -             Yadier Molina  C       7       9
   Br. Crawford   SS     Y      5       -             Br. Crawford   SS      6       -
                            Earliest                                     Earliest
                             Inning   Rank                                Inning   Rank
                             to Sac    or                                 to Sac    or
Bench vs. RHP    Pos  Steal?  Bunt   PH for        Bench vs. LHP    Pos    Bunt   PH for 
   Ryan Church    OF     Y      7       8             Geoff Blum     3B      7       7
   Donnie Murphy LF-RF   N      9       7             John Baker     C       7       -
   Logan Morrison OF     Y      6       9             Wilson Valdez SS-2B    5       -
   Scott Rolen    3B     N      7      10             Ryan Church    OF      5       -
   Geoff Blum     3B     N      5       -             Ty Wigginton  1B-3B    5       -
   Wilson Valdez SS-2B   Y      3       -             Jon Jay        OF      5       -
   John Baker     C      N      3       -             Donnie Murphy LF-RF    4       -


Sample Pitching and Defense Lineup Card

On your lineup card, you will also list your pitching rotation, along with your bullpen pitchers and emergency starters. You decide when to take a pitcher out of the game, and when to bring in your middle relievers and closer. Defensive replacements can also be made.

                                                                     Teams Pitcher
                           Hook           Hook # to Take Out for    Prefers to Face
Starting Rotation   (runs + on base/2)  Closer in Save Situations   (list 0-3 teams) 
   Chad Billingsley        4.5                      3
   Trevor Cahill            4                       3
   Carlos Zambrano         5.5                      2
   J.A. Happ                4                       2
   Cory Luebke             4.5                      2
                                                              Rank When Used
                           Hook          Earliest Inning     as a Reliever vs.
Bullpen             (runs + on base/2)  Used as a Reliever     (RHB)   (LHB) 
   Jair Jurrjens            4                   1                4       4
   Manny Parra              4                   1                6       1
   Jeremy Affeldt           4                   1                5       6
   Sean Burnett             2                   5                3       3
   Craig Breslow            1                   7                1       2
   Joe Thatcher             1                   7                2       5
                                             Earliest            Rank vs.
Closer (optional)          Hook            Inning Used         (RHB)   (LHB) 
   Huston Street           3.5                  8                1       1
Defensive Substitutions 
C                        3B Scott Rolen            CF Jon Jay
1B                       SS                        RF
2B                       LF Donnie Murphy