Your team's roster can be larger than 30 players - you do NOT have to cut players when you pick up free agents. You can also make unbalanced trades with other teams in your league, such as trading 2 players for 3. Although there is NO roster size limit, you may only list 15 starters and up to 15 backups on each depth chart. Unlisted players on your roster will be used as final backups, and will be used in player number order. This is useful for recently drafted free agents, and for plugging potential holes in your lineup if you are particularly thin at a certain position. You can also list players on your active depth chart the same week you try to draft them as a free agent - if you succeed in picking up that player, he will be used where you listed him on your depth chart, and if you are unsuccessful (another team picked him ahead of you), he will simply be skipped over.

Any depth charts and/or free agent lists turned in from your league's webpage using our web-based lineup form are FREE of charge.


Trading of players is allowed through the Week 12 games. You may NOT trade away future free agent draft rights. (Once you draft a player, you may trade him, but you can NOT trade future free agent picks!) Scoresheet will continue to monitor all trades for fairness. Trade notices must be received from BOTH owners involved in a trade before it is considered final. After all, we can't put a trade through unless we know all the teams involved really agreed to it!

Playoffs, Weekly and Overall Winners

In each league, the 3 division winners and 2 next best "wild-card" teams make the playoffs. (5 teams will make the playoffs in every Scoresheet Football league, including leagues with a different number of teams that were organized and drafted in-person.) Ties for division winners and playoff spots are broken using the same rules as in the NFL. Wild-card games are played during Week 14 (after the Week 14 regular season games), followed by the rest of the playoffs Weeks 15 and 16. The home team (the team with the better regular season record, or a division winner when playing a wild card team) is given a 3-point advantage in each playoff game.

To determine our weekly and overall prize winners, Scoresheet totals the 15 offensive and defensive positions for each eligible team each week (i.e. ignoring opposing players). Scoresheet awards $100 each of the first 14 weeks to the team which scores the most Scoresheet points in ALL of Scoresheet Football that week. We also award $50 to whichever team scores the second most points. In addition, the ONE league winner with the highest 16-game point total in all of Scoresheet (not counting the wild-card games) wins a free year's worth of franchise fees for football and baseball. (Only teams in leagues with at least 12 teams are eligible for these weekly and overall prizes; though, league championship trophies will be awarded in all leagues.)


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