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This packet contains all the information you should need for drafting your team. Included are player lists, an explanation of Roster Balancing rules, a description of how our football game is played, additional Scoresheet Fantasy Football rules, and a sample blank depth chart.

For leagues using the web draft system:

The game rules are the same no matter how you draft your team. But if you are in a league that is using the web-based draft system, you should be aware of Scoresheet's Roster Balancing feature; however, most owners choose to leave Roster Balancing turned off for the web draft. Turning Roster Balancing off means that you will simply draft the top available player on your list when your pick comes up, regardless of how many players you already have at that position. If you choose to have Roster Balancing turned on, the draft system will ensure that you get a balanced team. If you have Roster Balancing turned on, the roster balancing rules as explained in this draft/rules packet will be followed. More details about how the Scoresheet web draft works can be found at: Web-based Drafting

Rank Your Players

Your first step is to enter your player ranking list on your league webpage. NOTE: you can not actually save your draft list until you are assigned to a specific league. Once you are in a league, we will send you an e-mail with the league name, webpage address, specific draft dates for your league, etc. You will enter your draft list by clicking on the link on your league page called 'Undrafted Players and Ranking List'. You will list your player choices in the order you want them to be drafted by your team, and you can change your list at any time, before or during the draft (changing it between every pick if you so choose.)

How Draft Order is Determined

For new leagues, team numbers will be randomly chosen, and teams will pick by order of team number. The draft order will reverse in each subsequent round (Team 1 picks first in Round 1, Team 12 picks first in Round 2, and so on). For continuing (keeper) leagues that played last year, the draft goes in the reverse order of last year's standings in every round. As your team's turn to draft comes up in each round, you will draft your highest-ranked undrafted player, subject to the Roster Balancing procedures if you have turned Roster Balancing on). You do not have to group players by position on your ranking list. Instead, players should simply be listed in the order you think they are most valuable. When the draft has concluded, we will send you the results, along with a complete league roster, blank depth charts (to complete before the season starts), and the season schedule of games to be played. You will choose a team name when you send in your first week's depth chart.


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