Owning a Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey franchise costs $74, and there are NO weekly fees. If you join in a group of 4 or more, the price is $69 per team. If you wish, you can choose to pay just $40 with the order form, and the remaining balance with your first draft list.

Your one-time franchise pays for an entire season, including:

  • the pre-season draft
  • all 26 weekly reports - including playoffs
  • engraved trophies and certificates for league winners
  • all depth chart changes
  • any number of trades
  • participation in the weekly free agent draft

Not all fantasy hockey games are the same! With 27 years of experience, we squarely beat the competition when it comes to reliability and promptness in fantasy sports. It's not uncommon for other companies to fall weeks or even months behind in their mailings, or worse yet, to completely fold at mid-season. At Scoresheet, we operate a full-time business servicing over 8,500 customers across the U.S. and Canada, and we consider sending out results even 24 hours late to be unacceptable. Scoresheet has helped pioneer fantasy sports and has grown into one of the biggest and best fantasy sports companies in the country. We've been featured nationally in such publications as USA Today, on many sports talk shows and in numerous daily newspapers. Our success is due to repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied owners.

For a realistic and enjoyable opportunity to enjoy the NHL like never before, see why Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey is the best choice for fantasy hockey fans:

  • you'll receive complete reports that show everything you'd want to know about your league
  • we offer realistic point values which reflect a player's true worth
  • no weekly fees
  • results available on the web and by either postal mail or e-mail
  • guaranteed prompt service

Finally, we offer a web-based draft system that doesn't force you to sit in front of a computer at a specific time to put together your team. Instead, you'll be able to craft your team as you see fit with a draft that takes place over a few weeks and that allows you to see the entire selection schedule, thereby allowing you to make adjustments to your player ranking list whenever you wish. Alternatively, you can fill out a player ranking list in the order your wish players to be drafted, and send it in to the Scoresheet office. You can list players from different positions in whatever order you wish, according to how valuable you think they will be in the coming season.

Join the Fun! Get started by completing your order form now.

We'll send you the complete drafting packet as soon as we hear from you. If you have enough people to form a complete league, give us a call and we'll help you set up an in-person draft. If you have any questions, please call us at (530) 470-1880.

We hope you'll join the thousands of Scoresheet Fantasy Sports owners who feel we offer the absolute best in fantasy games. As some of our customers have said: "It just gets more fun every year." "I'm in last place and still having a great time!" "...far superior to pools and contests."

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