Our web-based draft is NOT one where you have to log on during a set time period to make a pick, nor is it a chat room draft where you log on for hours. Instead, as each team's pick comes up, our web-based drafting program will pick the top available player from a list that you can create, change and save to the Scoresheet website at any time. You will be able to make changes to your player ranking list whenever you want, but can also choose to let it remain unchanged for as long as you like. By being able to make changes at any time, you can adjust your list before every one of your picks, giving you the same control as if you were at a live draft.

Your draft list will be password protected so that only you can see it. Trades can also be made during the draft, including trading of draft picks. And as each selection is made, it is posted for everyone to see on your league's web page. Further, your league roster will also be updated as the draft continues.

Team owners using web-based drafting will start by creating their player ranking list on their league's webpage. During each team's turn to pick, the draft program will select the highest listed undrafted player on that team's ranking list, subject to our normal Roster Balancing Procedures. And with web-based drafting, you have the option to turn Roster Balancing on or off for your upcoming picks at any time during the draft.

For one-year leagues, the draft order in Round 1 will be randomly assigned, and the draft order will reverse in each subsequent round. For example: Team 1 will pick first in Round 1, last in Round 2, first in Round 3, and so on. For existing continuing leagues, the draft order will be in reverse order of the previous year's standings in every round.

Player ranking lists can be added to or changed as often as a team owner wants during a web-based draft. If an owner's list is depleted (has no available players left at positions needed by that team) the drafting program will automatically draft a player for that team based on last year's Scoresheet points scored. As long as a team owner keeps adding to his list as the draft continues (or submits a long enough list initially to last all 26 rounds), players will always be picked from the team owner's ranking list.

The start date of your draft depends on when you join a Scoresheet league, and drafts will end a few days before the start of the regular season. A draft schedule will be posted before the draft begins so that team owners know when each of their picks will be made. The draft program will simply pick the highest listed player on the team owner's player ranking list when it's their turn to pick. And unlike some e-mail drafts where one owner can hold up the whole draft, picks will be made as scheduled, as the drafting program will pick a default player if necessary.

You can use our standard trade form on your Scoresheet league webpage to report trades of players and/or picks at any time. The trade will go into effect as soon as it is reported by both owners involved. The list of draftable players will appear on your player ranking list page. If you want to draft someone who doesn't appear (maybe a young backup you think will be making an impact in the upcoming season), send us an e-mail and we will add him to our list of eligible players.

For team owners with internet access who are playing in leagues that usually draft by sending in draft lists to the Scoresheet office, we heartily recommend joining a web-based draft league instead. Leagues that generally do their own 'private' drafts can also use the web-based system if they desire. 'Private leagues' can set the starting and ending days for their draft as they want, and a draft schedule will be created to accommodate those starting and ending days. Please contact the Scoresheet office to set up your custom draft schedule.

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