Continuing leagues are designated P-NHL (P stands for perpetual).

Teams in continuing leagues keep 9 players from year to year, and drafts are held in the reverse order of the previous season's standings. Leagues with orphaned teams are listed below. For a complete list of the continuing league rules, go to: Continuing Hockey League Rules.

The normal price for a continuing league team is $74, but since the season is underway, orphaned teams can now be had for only $24 for the rest of the season.

If you would like to pick up a team, please Contact Us and let us know what team you would like to pick up.

*** This list of available teams was updated 1-21-19 ***

Teams in the following leagues protect 9 players each year:

wP_NHL604 team 5, 7

wP_NHL607 teams 4, 10, 11

wP_NHL609 teams 3, 11

Also, private leagues NHL Aracor and NHL MMMHL are looking for new owners to take over a couple of orphans.

Contact NHL Aracor and NHL MMMHL commish Conrad Anderson at or if you are interested in joining either league.