As soon as we receive your order form, we'll send you a complete draft packet, including NHL player lists. Players are listed by position, and include last year's Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey point totals for every player. Both season totals and points per game played last year are shown, along with players' ages. You can draft by either web-based draft or by sending us your player ranking list by postal/e-mail! Private leagues have the option to either use our web-based drafting system or conduct their own draft. A full description of how the draft is run, and complete rules for Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey , are included in the draft packet.

Each team will select 26 players, consisting of:

  • 5 Centers
  • 5 Left Wings
  • 5 Right Wings
  • 6 Defensemen
  • 3 Goalies
  • 2 extra players from any position

After you've had time to look over the NHL player lists included with the draft packet, we will enter you in a league with a Web Draft. You will be able to create a player ranking list on the Scoresheet website that you can change and save at any time. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out a player ranking list on paper and send it to us. On this sheet, you will rank players in the order in which you want them drafted. In either case, you can list players from different positions in whatever order you wish, according to how valuable you think they will be in the upcoming season.

The draft order will be determined randomly, and the team picking first in round one will pick last in round two, first in round three, and so on. When it's your turn to draft, we'll give you your highest-ranked, undrafted player on your list, subject to our procedures for ensuring you get a balanced team. These roster-balancing procedures automatically ensure that each owner will get a team with the correct number of players at every position. Our Roster Balancing feature is fully explained in the draft packet.

Our web-based drafting system allows you to change your ranking list between every round, giving you the same control over the draft as if you were doing a live in-person draft. A full explanation of the draft rules for both web drafting and for drafts that send lists to our office will be included in the drafting packet that we will send you as soon as we receive your team order.

To register, you should send in your order form by early September to ensure you have enough time to prepare for the draft. (You can send in your order form after that, but you'll find yourself rushing somewhat to get your draft list ready in time.) If you are running your own draft, you can ignore these dates; but, if you want your games to start the first week of the NHL season, you should finish your draft at least 2-3 days before the first game of the NHL season.

League Setup

Following each draft, 12-team leagues are set up with 2 conferences and 6 teams in each conference. The top three finishers in each conference qualify for the playoffs, which are played during the last 4 weeks of the regular NHL season. (The Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey playoffs run for 3 weeks - we no longer use the final week of the regular NHL season due to too many NHL teams resting their stars for the Stanley Cup playoffs.) Engraved trophies are awarded to league winners, along with certificates to each conference winner.