All fantasy hockey games are not the same

Welcome to Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey, a fantasy game in which you own and operate your own professional hockey franchise. With Scoresheet, you will experience what it's like to be a real hockey team owner, General Manager and coach.

Before the season begins, you'll draft individual players from throughout the NHL, putting together your own team of NHL players. During the NHL season, your team will play three head-to-head games each week against other teams in your league, scoring points based on your players' actual stats in that week's NHL games. You will also be able to make trades, pick up free agents, and juggle your lineup each week to improve your team's performance as the season progresses.

Experience the fun of running your own fantasy hockey team.

Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey will turn you into a total hockey fan. Before the season, you'll scout players you want on your team. As the season progresses, you'll watch NHL games and highlights as you plot your depth chart and team roster moves. You'll follow the entire NHL like never before!

In Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey, each NHL player can only belong to one team in your league. You'll be taking part in a real draft and making real trades with the other team owners in your league.

At Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey, we offer a fantasy game which reflects virtually everything that happens on the ice. We offer a very realistic point value system. Goals have different values for power play or short-handed goals. Assists, plus/minus, goalie saves, goals allowed and penalty minutes all figure into your players' point totals. We even give more 'ice time' (higher point values) to skaters on your first line. No other fantasy hockey game plays at this level! The best part is that we do all the extra statistical work to achieve this realistic fantasy hockey experience - all you have to do is enjoy the game. And since all the work is done on our computer system, it is just as easy for you to play Scoresheet Hockey as it is to play a simpler fantasy game with far less realism.

If you sign up for Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey alone, we'll put you in a league with 11 other team owners - you will be playing with some of the NHL's biggest fans. Or, if you decide to join with friends or enough fellow fans to form a complete league, you could draft in person - the best party of the year! After that, you can talk trades and assert bragging rights whenever you get together.

Weekly Activity

There are NO weekly fees in Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey. There are no extra charges for trading, free agents, or any depth chart changes!

Your team's weekly reports are sent out promptly every Monday throughout the NHL season. All game and draft results are posted to your league's webpage and also sent out by e-mail. Results can also be sent by postal mail if desired. With each report, we include:

  • Points scored by every player in your games
  • Players' complete NHL stats that week
  • Scores for all the games in your league
  • Current league standings
  • Cumulative stats for every team in your league
  • Top free agents available
  • Individual leaders by position
  • News about your league

All player moves are published weekly, including player trades and free agent pickups. Each week's results also include a list of the top undrafted players and their season ratings, as well as season ratings for your own players - you will be able to make comparisons quickly and easily. We also print complete updated team rosters for your league, which include season-to-date Scoresheet point totals for every player in your league.

At Scoresheet Fantasy Sports, our top priority is service. Now in our 27th year in the fantasy sports field, our reliability and promptness are second to none. Sign up now and see for yourself.

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