This year's (2020/2021) Scoresheet Baseball Winter game will use major league players from 1988-1991. The scoresheet below (which is showing a game from a couple of seasons ago) is a sample of what you will receive for each of the 144 games your team will play this off-season. Of course, the scoresheets you receive will show players you drafted, and will reflect the managerial strategies you've used, and will also use players and their stats from 1988-1991. Each week you will receive 12 scoresheets, along with league standings, scores of all other games, individual and team stats, trade information, and a weekly newsletter.

week 9 (1975)            1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   
CF Willie Davis		 O        1B         O         O        BB      
2B Joe Morgan		1B        BB         O             HR    O      
1B Reggie Smith		+K        1B+*            K         O           
RF Rusty Staub		 O         K             2B         O           
LF Dave Kingman		      O        e6         K         O           
3B Ken Reitz		      O         O         O             1B      
C  Bob Boone		      K         O              O                
  PH Rick Monday	                                       /1B       
SS D. Concepcion	          1B    K             BB        SH++    
P  Dock Ellis		         - O         K        SH+               
  P  Gary Lavelle                                                  
  PH Keith Hernandez                                         O*     

CF-RF C. Geronimo	1B        BB         K             E9           
RF Jose Cruz	       + O+        O         O              O           
  CF Garry Maddox                                                   
LF George Foster	SF*            BB        1B        1B*          
C  Johnny Bench		 K              O         O        2B*          
3B Darrell Evans	      K        2B*        O       / K           
1B Andre Thornton	      O        1B         K         O           
SS Chris Speier		      O        DP              K                
2B Ted Sizemore		           K        1B         K                
P  Jerry Reuss		           K        SH+        O                
  P  Al Hrabosky                                                   
                   	                                                R   H   E
Power Punch  	 	 0    0    1    0    0    0    0    1    1      3   8   1
Young Again	 	 1    0    0    1    0    0    0    2    X      4   7   1

Power Punch          	IP    H    R   ER   BB    K           
Dock Ellis  L(5-6)      7.1   7    4    3    2    8           
Gary Lavelle            0.2   0    0    0    0    1           

Young Again	     	IP    H    R   ER   BB    K           
Jerry Reuss     W(11-7) 8     7    3    3    2    7           
Al Hrabosky     S(9)    1     1    0    0    1    0           
(Reuss pitched to 1 batter in the ninth)

Errors-Chris Speier, Rusty Staub.
LOB-Power Punch 8, Young Again 5.
Steals-Joe Morgan, Cesar Geronimo.  Caught Stealing-Dave Concepcion.

 K = Strikeout                     trailing + = Runner Advances an extra base 
 O = Out                           trailing * = Runner(s) on base scores
SF = Sacrifice Fly                 leading +  = Stolen Base by Runner
SH = Sacrifice Hit (bunt)          leading -  = Runner Caught Stealing
 E = Batter reaches first base     leading /  = Pitcher Change by other team
 e = Batter reaches second base
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