Old Timers Baseball Not only is this winter baseball game a great memory trip, it is also a chance to test your strategies of what wins baseball games. If you think that pitching is 90% of the game, then you should certainly put a lot of pitchers at the top of your player ranking list. Or, if you are a fan of the 3-run homer, put sluggers such as Willie McCovey or Billy Williams at the top of your list. Speed and defense will also play a big part in each team's success - you'll have to balance a player's hitting ability with how much his defense helps (or hurts) your pitchers. Fielding numbers, as used in Scoresheet Baseball, are also included in the draft packet for each player. We have found that with player stats being known to all, these leagues have some very evenly matched teams, making for great pennant races.

Since the luck of unforeseen injuries isn't a factor, this is also a great game for testing your managerial ideas. You can really see the effects of various strategies by controlling stealing, bunting, pinch hitting, earliest innings for pitchers, use of closers and setup men, and defensive replacements.

One of the best parts of this winter game is getting to know your fellow managers. Every year, our most knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans sign up to play. Virtually all of them are avid traders, especially since our 4-year format encourages trading to fill holes on your roster (and all lineup changes are free in the winter game). You'll be playing with our most experienced team owners from across the country, and you can find out what strategies have worked best for them.

Draft the Stars

For the 2015-16 Winter season, Scoresheet will be forming 10-team leagues of either American League or National League players only. Each league is split into 2 divisions. At the end of the season, we play a League Championship Series, based on all 4 years' stats, between the two division winners.

If you and your friends want to form a complete league and draft among yourselves, please feel free to call or email the Scoresheet office and we can review your requirements. We are quite flexible, and can run a league of any size for you and your friends, including a combined league with players from both the A.L. and the N.L.

Before the season, you'll draft a 36-man team. The large roster, together with trading (which is even more fun than trading baseball cards as kids) allows you to cover each of the 4 years with both starters and backups. Each week, we limit your players to their playing time in an average 12-game span in the corresponding year in the major leagues. Thus, a good bullpen and a strong bench are important.

We will be forming leagues through early November, with our web-based drafts set to being about a week after your league is formed. Please send in your order form or sign up online as early as possible to begin enjoying the Scoresheet Old Timers Winter Baseball season!

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