Welcome to the 2019-20 winter season of Scoresheet Old Timers Fantasy Baseball using players from the 1985-88 seasons! We are looking forward to another fun-filled winter of fantasy baseball featuring players from the past.

Our web-based draft is not one where you have to log on at a specific time to make a pick, nor is it a chat room draft where you are online for hours. Instead, as each team's turn to pick comes up, our draft program will pick the top available player from a list that you can create, change and save to the Scoresheet website at any time. You will be able to make changes to your list whenever you want, but you can also choose to leave it as is for as long as you want. But by being able to make changes at any time, you can adjust your list before every one of your picks, giving you the same control as if you were at a live draft.

Your draft list will be password protected so that only you can see it. Trades can also be made during the draft, including trading of draft picks. And as each pick is made, that pick is posted for everyone to see, and your league roster is updated in real-time as the draft continues.

Team owners using web-based drafting will start by creating their player ranking list on their league's webpage. The order of teams picking in Round 1 will be randomly chosen. Round 2 will be in the reverse order of Round 1, with Round 3 in the reverse order of Round 2, and so on. As each owner's turn to pick arrives, the draft program will select the highest listed undrafted player on that team owner's ranking list, subject to our optional Roster Balancing procedures. With Scoresheet web-based drafting, you have the option to turn Roster Balancing on and off for your upcoming draft picks at any time during the web draft.

If an owner's list is depleted (has no available players left at positions needed by that owner), the draft program will automatically draft the available player that had the most playing time during the 1985-1988 seasons. As long as a team owner keeps adding to his list as the draft continues, (or submits a list long enough initially to last all 36 rounds), all players for that team will be picked from the owner's ranking list. Be sure to keep plenty of players on your ranking list at all times!

You can use our standard trade form on the Scoresheet website to report trades of players and/or picks at any time. The trade will go into effect as soon as it is resorted by both owners involved. Player eligibility during the draft will follow our normal 'draft by list' rules. For instance, in an American League draft, a player who is on our National League player list can not be drafted. The complete list of eligible players (all players on our AL Player List for this year's game will appear on your league's ranking list webpage.

There is a fair amount of detail in the draft packet - and to begin, there are two very important draft procedure issues to remember:

  1. Players in Scoresheet are limited by how much they played in the majors. Basically, in any one week of the winter season, a player can only play 1/11th as much as he did during the corresponding year. You will be faced with the decision of whether to draft players with one great season or players who were consistent all 4 years.
  2. Our drafting procedures are designed for you to list players according to how valuable you think they are. If you have Roster Balancing turned on, you will receive a balanced roster based on your rankings. Basically, you will draft a starter at every position before you begin receiving reserves.

NOTE: Unlike our regular season baseball game, there is no mid-season qualifying for players at new positions. All of the positions at which a player qualifies in this year's winter game are shown on the Scoresheet player lists. If a player is not shown as qualifying at a position on our player list, then he does NOT qualify there in any segment of this season's game, even if he happened to have played at that position in the majors for a year.


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