This year, why not play a fantasy football game that is more realistic than any other?

In Scoresheet Fantasy Football, your players earn points for virtually everything they do on the field - not just when they score a touchdown. Our realistic point formulas even deduct for passing and rushing attempts. And in Scoresheet Fantasy Football, individual defensive players also play and score points. To help you judge a player's worth under the Scoresheet system, a listing of every player's Scoresheet point totals from last season, both per game played and for the entire season, are included on our player lists. And we are still the only game offering features such as automatic substitution of players who have a bye or who are injured. We even substitute for players who are injured early in the game!

NOTE: defensive players can only score defensive points, and offensive players can only score offensive points. For instance, if a player listed as a defensive player lines up on offense in an NFL game and catches a pass, it will not count for your team. Also, punters only score punting points, and kickers only score points for kicking!

As the scoring chart below shows, we pay attention to every detail.

Scoresheet Fantasy Football Comprehensive Scoring System

 Offensive Players  Defensive Players  Kickers
 0.04 Passing Yard  0.44 LB/DB Tackle  3.00 Field Goal
 0.20 Completion  0.22 LB/DB Assist –0.30  50+ Attempt
 1.00 Passing TD  0.60 DL Tackle –1.00  40-49 Attempt
–0.24 Passing Attempt  0.30 DL Assist –1.70  30-39 Attempt
–1.20 Interception  1.00 Sack –2.40  17-29 Attempt
 0.07 Rushing Yard  0.50 Stuff  1.00 Extra Point
 1.75 Rushing TD  1.50 Interception –0.70 EP Attempt
–0.15 Rushing Attempt  0.06 Int Ret Yard  Kick Return Teams
 0.04 Receiving Yard  1.00 Int Ret TD  0.06 Yard
 0.20 WR/TE/QB Reception  1.50 Forced Fumble   1.00 Touchdown
 0.10 RB Reception  0.75 Fumble Recovery  –1.00 KO Ret Attempt
 1.00 Receiving TD  0.03 Fumble Ret Yard  –0.30 P Ret Attempt
–1.50 Fumble Lost  0.50 Fumble Ret TD  2.00 P or FG Block
 0.20 Pass 2-pt. Conv. –1.00 Pass Intf. Pen.  
 0.35 Rush 2-pt. Conv.  Punters
 0.20 Rec. 2-pt. Conv.  0.04 Yard
 0.60 Inside 20
 –1.56 Attempt

Have the most fun:

We have spent over 32 years developing the most fun and realistic fantasy games available. At Scoresheet, you will play in real leagues, and take part in an actual draft (meaning a player can only be on one team in each league.) You will participate in real trade talks with other owners in your league, and not just pick up players from a 'pool.' And each week of the season you'll compete in head-to-head games.

Thousands of sports fans play Scoresheet - they play because they want to enjoy the best in fantasy sports. We hope you join us for what will be another great season of Scoresheet Fantasy Football!

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