It will turn you into a total football fan!

Welcome to Scoresheet Fantasy Football, a fantasy football game in which you own and operate your own team of NFL players. As a Scoresheet owner, you will draft a team of NFL players, make real trades with other owners in your league, pick up free agents, and decide who plays and who sits each week. You will play head to head games against the other teams in your league as you compete for the title.

Before the season begins, you will draft individual players from throughout the NFL, putting together your own team. Each week of the NFL season, your team will play one game against another team in your league, scoring points based on your players' actual statistics from that week's NFL action. As you watch one of your players complete a pass, rush for a big gain, record a sack, or make an interception, you'll know he is also scoring points for your Scoresheet Fantasy Football team. Preliminary game scores are posted to the Scoresheet website each Monday before the that night's game, so that you know where you stand.

All fantasy games are NOT created equal!

At Scoresheet, we don't simply give points for touchdowns and yards gained. Instead, we offer a unique fantasy game which reflects virtually everything that happens on the field. You will draft and play individual defensive players, earning points for their sacks, stuffs, interceptions, tackles and assists. To add to the realism, Scoresheet also takes away points for incomplete passes and interceptions.

The top priority at Scoresheet is service. With over 30 years of experience in the fantasy sports field, you can count on us to be there all season long. Every week of the season, you'll receive complete reports that include: standings, scores, team and individual stats, trade reports and lists of top undrafted players. Our web-based drafting system gives you the most flexibility and control possible, allowing you . to draft on the Scoresheet website, using a system where you can adjust your draft list as often as you like - between every pick if you want. Weekly results are both posted to the website and sent out (by e-mail or postal mail - your choice) promptly each week.

While playing Scoresheet Fantasy Football ,you will follow the NFL like never before, since every NFL game potentially involves players on your Scoresheet fantasy team. You'll even appreciate your favorite team's strategies more, because you'll know the opposing players better. We feel certain that playing Scoresheet Football will make the upcoming NFL season your most enjoyable football season ever.

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