Each Scoresheet league has its own webpage. Pre-season draft results, and complete weekly reports during the season, including player stats, lists of top undrafted players in your league, team rosters, etc. are all available. You can also choose to send and receive all your information (draft lists, pre-season rosters, weekly results, etc.), either by postal mail, fax or e-mail.

If you are looking to join, or form, a league that drafts live (either by phone, in-person or on-line), check out our Football Message Board, where anyone can post notes about forming new leagues, or announce openings in existing leagues.

Weekly Results

Your team will play one game each week. Every Tuesday, Scoresheet will calculate offensive and defensive points for your players based on their actual stats from the NFL games that week (including the Monday night game). Results are both posted to the web and sent directly to you by e-mail or postal mail (your choice).

Weekly reports include the points scored by every player in your game that week, their complete NFL statistics for the week, scores for all of the games in your league, league standings, cumulative stats for every team in your league, trade reports and free agent pickups, and weekly stats tables. We'll also list the top undrafted players available at each position, along with their season point totals.

Scoresheet Football, does NOT offer the large cash prizes some 'contests' do. To offer big prizes, we'd have to raise prices, and more importantly, we'd have to completely change our game. Large cash prizes do not work in a 'league type game', because owners would just collude (make unfair trades) to put together a "super team." To us here at Scoresheet, the fun of playing fantasy sports is being in a real league, where a player can only be on one team in each league, where trading with other team owners is part of the fun, and where you compete with the other teams in your league. Let's face it: in those other 'contests', the vast majority of players win nothing.

Personalized trophies are also awarded to all league winners. The one full league winner with the highest overall point total throughout all of Scoresheet Football will also win free memberships in football and baseball.

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