Questions About Drafting

Each year, we receive many questions regarding Scoresheet draft procedures. The question most frequently asked is: "Can an owner draft a player to fill a position other than the one at which he is listed?" In other words, many owners want to draft a player that Scoresheet has listed at shortstop to play second base for you, and receive another shortstop in the draft, instead of a second baseman. Once the season begins, you can put a player at any position without an out-of-position penalty, as long as he meets the Scoresheet requirements to qualify at that position. However, for Roster Balancing purposes during the draft, a player ONLY counts at the position at which he is listed on the Player List. This rule is strictly enforced and has been developed to limit complications. Your team will be more successful in Scoresheet Baseball if you use your players only at positions for which they qualify.

There are also some owners who write out multiple draft scenarios, asking Scoresheet to draft different numbers of players for certain positions. For instance, one might request: "If a short reliever that I have listed in my top 30 picks is still available, I'd like two short relievers before I get a starting second baseman, but not before I get a starting shortstop." These types of requests can not be accommodated, as drafts by mail are conducted by the Scoresheet computer drafting program (player numbers are entered, and the computer system does the actual draft), therefore there are limitations to drafting flexibility. If Scoresheet tried to manually draft according to every owner's individual request for draft balancing, we would never get the Scoresheet Baseball season started on time.


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