Each action has the following point value:

For All Players:

        A goal              =  1 point		
        A short-handed goal =  1.50 points
        Power play goal     =  0.70 points
        An assist           =  0.50 points.	
        Each +/-            =  0.10 points
        (you get 0.10 points for each plus 1, lose 0.10 for each minus 1; 
        ignored for goalies and power play goals)

        Each penalty minute = -0.05 points
        (you lose .05 for each penalty minute, though offsetting penalties
        do not count against your players)

For Goalies Only:

        A minute played  =  0.01 points
        A shot against   =  0.06 points
        A goal allowed   = -0.60 points
        (you lose 0.60 points for each goal allowed. Empty net goals 
        do NOT count against your goalies)

Example: if a goalie has 40 shots against, which is worth 40 times 0.06 = 2.4 points; allows 4 goals, which is worth -2.4 (4 times -0.06); and plays 60 minutes (worth 60 times 0.01 = 0.6); then he earns 2.4 minus 2.4 plus 0.6, which totals 0.6. If a goalie has a better save percentage than 90%, he'll earn more for that game; a lower save percentage will lower his points. Once again, our computer system does all the figuring - you just watch your guys score!

There is an added twist to the scoring. The players on your first lines (both offensive and defensive) gets their full point total. For your second line, offensive and defensive players score points at only 0.8 of full value, and for your third line, offensive players score points at 0.6 of full value. Because the point values are different depending on which line the player is on, your coaching decisions can have a huge impact on your win-loss record!

Hint: In effect, because a first line players' points are worth full value, and your second and third line players' points get 'lowered', your top left or right wing might be more valuable to you than a second or third center, even though centers generally score more points!

Each week your team will play 3 games. However, the amount of games your particular player played in that week in the NHL is how many games he can play for your Scoresheet team that week. Each Scoresheet hockey game, your players will score based on how they performed in the NHL that week, divided by the number of NHL games in which they played. For instance, if a player scored 4 regular goals, had 3 assists, a plus/minus of +2, and 6 non-offsetting penalty minutes for the week, then he scored a total of 5.40 points that week. If he played in 3 games, his per game total is 1.80 points, and will therefore score 1.80 points in each Scoresheet game he plays for you. (He'll play in all 3 of your games assuming you have him listed as a starter.)

Your players will play in as many games for you as they did that week in the NHL. When one of the players you listed as a starter can not play, your top backup at that position will move into the bottom line, with other players moving to higher lines, as needed. The Scoresheet computer system will do some automatic shuffling for you when players have to sit. For instance, if your first line and second line center both miss a game, we will NOT have them miss the same game that week (meaning your third line center will not have to move all the way to the first line.)

Goalies are also limited by minutes played. A goalie needs 45 minutes of NHL game time to play each Scoresheet game. (If your starting goalie has more than 135 minutes and played in 3 games during a week in the NHL, he'll play all 3 games for your Scoresheet team. If he has played 90 to 134 minutes, or only played in 2 NHL games that week, he'll play in 2 games for your Scoresheet team. If he has played 45 to 89 minutes, he will play in 1 Scoresheet game that week.) Your backup goalies will be used in the order they are listed. If you are out of goalies, a goalie with less than 45 minutes will be used in 1 game, if necessary.

These rules are designed to automatically replace injured players. If your starters all play in 3 NHL games that week, then your backups won't play!


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