This draft packet offers detailed information about Scoresheet Baseball. It is to your advantage to read it to give you the best chance of playing the game well. Below are a few notes to keep in mind before reading the more detailed information later in the draft packet.

  • A player in Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball can only play roughly about as much as he did in the major leagues that week. Playing time is measured by plate appearances for position players, and innings pitched (and games appeared in) for pitchers. There are some adjustments made by Scoresheet to account for the fact that some weeks your players can't play as much in Scoresheet Baseball as they do in the majors. For example, in some weeks, three or more of your pitchers may start twice in the majors, but they are not able to all start twice in the same week on your Scoresheet Baseball team. Therefore, we allow your players a few more innings pitched (or at-bats) in some weeks to balance things out over the course of a season. We also carry "unused" pitcher starts into future weeks, if necessary.
  • The playing time limitations explain why a substitute player may start a game, or why a pitcher may be taken out before his hook number is reached. If a player is injured or benched in the majors, he will play less for you, as well. As a result, you should draft players at each position who you believe will play a lot in the majors leagues during the season. A major league player who gets virtually no at-bats in reality will not help you much in Scoresheet Baseball regardless of his batting average. In general, any starting position player is more valuable than a top pinch hitter that only gets a limited number of at-bats. You should also make sure to draft plenty of pitchers because there are A LOT of injuries to pitchers every season. We strongly recommend beginning the season with at least six pitchers who are slated to start in the majors. While many middle relievers have good ERAs, the pitchers who play more innings can often be more helpful to your Scoresheet team.

Good luck on your season. We hope this year gives you the utmost in baseball appreciation!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have - just give us a call. The best time to reach us is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Pacific Time. But please, do read the whole packet before calling with questions.

Have Fun!!


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