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Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball

Introductory brochure

Blank AL lineup Card

Blank NL lineup Card

Blank BL lineup Card

AL Draft / Rules packet

NL Draft / Rules packet

BL Draft / Rules packet

2024 AL Player list

2024 NL Player list

2024 BL Player list

AL Batting Bench card explanation

NL Batting Bench card explanation

Pitching card explanation

AL Batting / Pitching Card Example

NL Batting / Pitching Card Example

Continuing League Rules

Private Draft Leagues - special notes

Scoresheet Fantasy Old Timers (Winter) Baseball

Introductory brochure

Winter A.L. Draft/Rules (Web Draft)

Winter Combined League Draft/Rules (Web Draft)

Winter N.L. Draft/Rules (Web Draft)

Notes for Winter League private drafts

Winter League AL Player list

Winter League NL Player list

Winter League BL Player list

Winter Sample Batting/Bench lineup card

Winter Sample Pitch/Def lineup card

Winter Batting / Bench Card explanation

Winter Pitching / Defense Card explanation

Scoresheet Fantasy Football

Brochure cover letter

Introductory brochure

FB player list

Draft / Rules packet for web draft leagues in PDF

Draft / Rules packet for two stage postal draft leagues in PDF

Private league draft notes

Depth chart & free agent instructions

Blank FB depth chart