Each year, you will keep 13 players from your team. The remaining rounds of the draft, beginning with Round 14, will go in REVERSE order of the final standings in EVERY round (except that regardless of win-loss record, the league's playoff winner will pick last, and the other division winners will pick 2nd and 3rd to last.) Also, you have to use all your protected spots; you can NOT protect just 11 players and get the first 2 picks in the draft. (However, you CAN trade protected spots - more on that below.)

Among tied teams, we use the team number as a tie-breaker, alternating each year between higher and lower numbers winning the tie-breaker. In 2019, the tie-breaker is such that among tied teams, the higher (larger) numbered team gets to pick first in the first round of the second stage of the draft, and then it alternates each round thereafter. For example, if Team 6 and Team 12 are tied with the worst record in the league, then in Round 14 (the first round of 'real drafting' after the 13 protected rounds), Team 12 gets to pick first, and Team 6 picks second, and then in Round 15, Team 6 picks ahead of team 12, and Team 12 picks second among those two tied team, and so on.

You can trade draft picks, and you can also trade protected spots. But draft picks and protected spots can be, at most, one year in the future when you trade them. For example, once your league has drafted Round 18 in 2019, you can trade for a 2020 Round 18 pick. But in 2019, you can not trade for year 2021 picks, and can not trade for 2020 picks until that round of the draft has been held in 2019. Also, if you trade away one of your protected spots, it simply means you get to only protect 12 players, and the team to which you traded the protected spot gets to protect 14 players. Note - you can NOT make trades for players to be named later (they are too difficult to review for fairness.) Finally, you can not 'rent' players. Deals such as: "I'll give you Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season, and then you give him back, plus a draft pick" are definitely NOT allowed!

Picks 1 through 13 are protected spots - the first round of 'real drafting' is the first round of the second stage, which is round 14. If you trade for the first pick of the second stage, it will show up on the rosters as a Round 14 pick, not as a Round 1 pick! Another example: the third round of 'real drafting' is the third round of the second stage, which is Round 16.

For your 13 keepers, you can choose whatever mix of positions you want - there are no limits on the number of players you can keep at each position. Also, there is NO Roster Balancing in Round 14 (the first round of real drafting after the 13 keeper rounds), so even if you keep 4 running backs you can still draft another RB in Round 14.