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Want to Play the Most Realistic Fantasy Baseball Game Ever?

Do you want to play a baseball game that feels real? At Scoresheet, your team doesn't add up points. Instead, your team will play complete simulated games, at bat by at bat, all based on your player's actual stats from that current week's MLB action.

We use your lineups, your strategy choices, and weekly current MLB player stats to simulate 6-7 games each week. You can even watch your team play your games with a text based play by play description.

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Want to Go Far Beyond Basic Fantasy Baseball?

With Scoresheet Baseball, you take on the combined role of Owner, GM, and Manager of a Major League Baseball franchise. You don’t just draft and trade. You also set strategy and see the results of all your efforts played out in a simulated 162 game season.

Real baseball teams aren’t trying to win statistical categories, and neither are Scoresheet teams. Instead, they are trying to win actual games! Drafting and trading matter, but so do your strategy decisions, such as:

  • Is it worth an out to move a runner along?
  • For which players is it a good gamble to try to steal second?
  • How different should the lineup be when facing lefty versus righty starters?

With Scoresheet Baseball, you call the shots, you watch the games, you wheel and deal with your fellow owners, and you experience the thrill of running a baseball team. Combine simulated games with trading, drafting and a deep enough roster to include a farm system, and the result is not just fun . . .

It's as close as you’re ever going to get to the real thing!

Get your fantasy team!

Get your fantasy team!

Physical Lineup Card

Set Strategies for Your Team

You determine lineups and strategy for:

  • Hitters: steals, bunts, pinch hitting, platoons
  • Starting Pitchers: rotation, when to pull
  • Relief Pitchers: timing, lefty/righty matchups
  • Defense: hitting vs. defense tradeoffs, subs

Then watch your strategies play out and see how more realism leads to more fun.

How does Scoresheet realism and strategy compare with typical fantasy baseball systems?


Get your fantasy team!

Get your fantasy team!