Game Symbols

"SH" means sacrifice hit (bunt).

"F" means the batter is out while trying and failing to sacrifice (the runner does NOT advance).

"SF" means sacrifice fly (the lead runner moves up a base).

" + " before the main symbol means the baserunner moved up on a steal.

" + " after the main symbol means one baserunner moves up an extra base on the play. For example, if a man is on first base and the batter has a "1B+", this means the batter goes to first and the runner goes to third; " ++ " means two baserunners each move up an extra base.

" - " before the main symbol means the baserunner was caught stealing.

" / " means the other team changed pitchers because he reached his hook number.

" | " means the pitcher was pinch hit for.

" \ " means the pitcher was removed because he ran out of innings. (In the NL, if your pitcher is going to run out of innings, Scoresheet will automatically pinch hit for him.)

" * " indicates how many baserunners scored during that play (not an RBI , even if a run scores on an error or a double play). No " * " is given for the batter's run on a home run, as we figure it is obvious that the batter scores.

"O" followed by a number means that corresponding fielder made an "outstanding play".

"P" stands for passed ball, and "W" stands for wild pitch.

Scoresheet Errors

A leading "+E" means a catcher made an error on a steal attempt - the baserunner goes from first to third.

"E" before the main symbol means the pitcher made an error on a pickoff attempt - the baserunner goes from first to third.

"E" after the main symbol means there was a throwing error - all baserunners moves up one base.

"E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, or E6" means that fielder made an error on a hit ball - the batter gets to first and all baserunners move up one base.

"E7, E8, or E9 means that outfielder made a fielding error - the batter gets to second base, and all baserunners move up two bases.

Standings Symbols

"RS" stands for run support (runs scored per game). Run support can help explain your pitcher's won-loss record.

"OP" stands for a team's total number of outstanding plays.

"OPS" stands for On-base plus Slugging Percentage (an excellent measure of a batter's overall offensive ability.)

Webpage Symbols

NOTE:On different pages, the same symbol may mean different things.

On the lineup card form, the " * " means that player bats/pitches as a lefty and the " # " means he is a switch hitter.

On the rosters on your continuing league's home page, the " * " means that player still qualifies as a "Scoresheet minor leaguer" (has less than 130 career at-bats, or less than 50 career major league innings pitched.) However, on the page called "Rosters with Major League Stats" (linked from your league home page), "Scoresheet minor leaguers" are designated with a small " m " next to their player number, and the " * " means they are a lefty. Also on that page, the " - " next to some players means they have less than eight plate appearances for the previous week (for batters) or zero games played that week (for pitchers).

For the stats uploaded on Monday, the " - " means that batters have had less than four plate appearances so far that week (Thursday through Sunday), or the pitcher has zero innings pitched so far that week.

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