This year, why not play a fantasy hockey game that is more realistic than any other?

In Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey, your players will earn more points when they score a short handed goal, and less when they score a power play goal. We even give your first line players higher points for scoring than your 2nd or 3rd line players (the lines are designated by you on your depth chart). And we are still the only game offering features such as automatic substitution of players who are injured.

To help you judge a player's worth under our system, a listing of every player's Scoresheet point totals from last season, both per-game played and for the entire year, are included on our player lists. As the scoring chart below shows, we pay attention to every detail.

Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey Comprehensive Scoring System

 A goal =  1 point  
 A short-handed goal =  1.50 points  
 A power play goal =  0.70 points  
 An assist =  0.50 DL points  
 Each +/- =  0.10 points*  
   *you get 0.10 points for each plus 1, lose 0.10 for each minus 1
 Each penalty minute =  –0.05 points**  
   **you lose .05 for each penalty minute - offsetting penalties do not count against your players
 A minute played =  0.01 points  
 A shot against =  0.06 points  
 A goal allowed =  –0.60 points***  
   ***you lose 0.60 points for each goal allowed. Empty net goals do NOT count against your goalies!

Example: If a goalie has 40 shots against, which is worth 40 times 0.06 = 2.4 points; allows 4 goals, which is worth -2.4 (4 times -0.06); and plays 60 minutes (worth 60 times 0.01 = 0.6); then he earns 2.4 minus 2.4 plus 0.6, which totals 0.6. If a goalie has a better save percentage than 90%, he will earn more for that game; a lower save percentage will lower his points. Once again, our computer system does all the figuring - you just watch your guys score!

There is an added twist to the scoring

The players on your first lines (both offensive and defensive) get their full point total. For your second line of offensive and defensive players, their points are only worth 0.8 of full value, and for third line offensive players, their points are only worth 0.6 of full value. Example: A goal scored by a player on your second line is only worth 0.8, and one scored by a third line player is only worth 0.6. Because the point values differ by which line the player is on, your coaching decisions can have a huge impact on your win-loss record!

Have the most fun!

We have spent 28 years developing the most fun and realistic fantasy games available. At Scoresheet, you will play in real leagues, and take part in an actual draft. You will participate in real trade talks with other owners in your league, and not just pick up players from a 'pool.' And each week of the season you'll compete in head-to-head games.

Thousands of fans play Scoresheet because they want to enjoy the best in fantasy sports. We hope you join us for what will be another great season of Scoresheet Hockey!