These instructions will help you to format Scoresheet results if they do not "line up" when you open them. This information should aid with any printing/viewing problems you may have.

Remember, each Scoresheet league has its own webpage, and everything (including game scoresheets) that is included in the weekly e-mailed report is also on your league webpage. To find your league's webpage, visit one of our lists of all leagues (Baseball or Football) and then click on your league's name/link.

Scoresheet results are set up to print on a laser printer, using a small fixed width font, a rather small type size, and lines 107 characters long. You may have to adjust formatting to have your reports print out as they are intended.

The following steps were written to work with Microsoft Word, however they should roughly translate to other word processing software, as well:

  1. Open the copied file in a word processing program. When opening the file, if asked, open as "text only" (NOT as "text with formatting", and NOT as "text with layout").
  2. Once the file isopen, you may need to select all text and change the font to a fixed-width font. (A fixed width font has characters of all the same width - an "i" and an "x" use same amount of space, for example. The Courier and Monaco fonts are fixed width fonts. Web browsers like Internet Explorer or stock programs like Notepad will use a fixed-width font for files that end in ".txt", but a word processor like Microsoft Word typically will not.) After selecting a fixed-width font, make the font smaller (size 9 or 10) to help fit each line of text to one line.
  3. Finally, decrease the margin size (.45 inches or so) on each side. Alternatively, you can set your page to print out in landscape mode instead of portrait.
  4. If you save your file as "text with layout", or "text with formatting", your word processing program will likely put hard returns at the end of each line to enable them to fit on the page. However, if you save the file as "text only", use a fixed-width font with a size of 9 or 10, and reduce the margins, each line should fit on the page without breaks.

Computers are different - these are general instructions that should work for most. Please give us a call if these instructions do not work for you - we will do our best to help.