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We offer the most engaging fantasy sports games anywhere! From our hallmark Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball, the fantasy baseball sim game played by over 5000 avid fans each year, to Fantasy Football and Fantasy Hockey, the combination of fun and skill is like nothing else. Our fantasy baseball game is a favorite among fantasy sports experts and has been featured in many publications, including a feature story in the Wall Street Journal. You can read the article at this link:   Fantasy's Dose of Reality
The San Francisco Chronicle wrote "Comparing Scoresheet Baseball to other fantasy games is like comparing chess to checkers." And many of the industry's most respected experts are Scoresheet fans as well. Click on the video links below to learn why.

Fantasy Baseball the Experts Agree On
Sean Forman recommends Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball
Ron Shandler's Favorite Fantasy Baseball Game
Jeff Erickson from Rotowire calls Scoresheet fantasy baseball the most realistic

Given the number of hours you spend following major league sports like baseball, football and hockey each season, you owe it to yourself to play the most realistic game possible. And since our computer does all the work, it takes no more of your time to play a more realistic game... it's just more fun! We've got the best variety of realistic fantasy games: Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Hockey and Old Timers (Winter) Fantasy Baseball. Join one of our fantasy leagues alone or with friends and take your coaching skills to a whole new level. Play the best this season - Play Scoresheet!

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