Play Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball!

Manage a 162 game simulated season with our flagship offering, Scoresheet Baseball. Many fantasy baseball games use weekly stats to collect points. Not us. We use weekly stats and your strategy decisions as inputs to simulate 6-7 games each week. As a baseball team owner, in addition to drafting and trading, you set overall strategy for:

  • Hitters: batting order, steals, bunts, pinch hitting, platoons
  • Starting Pitchers: rotation, when to pull
  • Relief Pitchers: timing, ordering, lefty/righty matchups
  • Defense: substitutions, hitting vs. defense tradeoffs

Our fantasy baseball game is a favorite among fantasy sports experts and has been featured in many publications, including a feature fantasy baseball story in the Wall Street Journal. Michael Robertson's San Francisco Chronicle article praised Scoresheet Baseball and he once said, "Comparing Scoresheet Baseball to other fantasy games is like comparing chess to checkers." This video explains why:

Given the number of hours you spend following pro sports like baseball and football, you owe it to yourself to play the most realistic game possible. Play Scoresheet: