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Once we receive your order we will sign you up for a team in the upcoming season.

If you join alone or with just a couple of friends we will put you in a league with other individuals. We will be forming leagues throuout the pre-season, but the earlier you join the more time you will have to prepare for and enjoy the draft.

If you want to form a new complete league of friends, then please contact us directly at:

Scoresheet Fantasy Sports

530-470-1880 (phone)
530-470-1885 (fax)

Otherwise, please use this page to order one or more Scoresheet Baseball teams.

Teams in public keeper leagues (public meaning that Scoresheet found the owners for and acts as commissioner) cost $89 each.

Teams in single-season leagues we form cost $89 for one team, $84 each for two to four teams (either teams you own yourself or if you join with a group of friends), and $79 each for five or more teams.

If you join a public league (a league we form and find owners for, as opposed to you and a group forming your own complete private league), then the draft will be held using our web based draft system. With a web draft you create and edit your ranking list on the web, you can see each pick as soon as it is made, and you can change your ranking list every round if you like. If you would like to read more about our web based drafting system please go to our web drafting explanation page.



We are not setting up any new public keeper leagues for 2024.

However, there are some orphaned teams in existing continuing leagues that are available. If you are interested in taking over an available team, please go to our: List of Leagues with Available Teams page. Once you find a team you'd like please contact us to claim it. (For a complete list of the continuing league rules, please go to: Continuing Baseball League Rules.)

The normal team fee for a continuing league team is $89. But in the off-season these orphaned teams can be picked up for the discounted rate of just $79 for the 2024 season.


Finally, if you are joining an existing 'private' league please sign up for the type of league (AL, NL or BL) here. Then note the league(s) and team number(s) in the space provided. Private leagues are ones that find their own owners. The public (numbered) keeper leagues are public leagues, and teams are $89 each.

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Number of new single-season NL teams:
Number of new single-season BL teams:
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Number of private league AL teams:
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Enter league(s) you are joining & team number (ie: NL Johnson-2):


Please note that if you are paying an amount that is different then the amount shown in the payment box (maybe you bought an orphan team at a discounted rate that is not reflected on the online order form, or maybe you are just making a partial payment) then you can erase the amount showing in the payment box and can then type in the amount you are paying now. If doing that please do so *before* hitting the 'buy now' button.

If you are joining with friends and want to play in the same league, please send us an e-mail. Also, if you are paying for someone else's team here, please e-mail us his name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

The Buy Now button will take you to PayPal's secure site where you can pay for this transaction using either a credit card or a PayPal account. (You do NOT need to be a registered PayPal member to pay by credit card.) We will then send you a complete Draft and Rules Packet and upcoming season's player list. Order your team today and get started on your baseball season now!