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April 25, 2016 11:15PM
f you or anyone you know may be interested let me know.

Team 2 just came open today, we have some special rules in this league.

I believe we are the only SS football team to have a special draft of the new rookies from the NFL draft. We have a supp draft of just the NFL drafted players soon after the NFL draft. 3 rounds. we just adopted a rule to have 3 soph keepers so you can keep these guys a 2nd year.

Right now we have....
1: 13 keepers (but you have a max of 7 on offence, where only one "extra" can be kept in each position group (QB1, RB/WR4, TE1). So for example you can't keep 3 QB's and that is +2 over the position max for that group --or-- you can't keep 2QB's & 2 TE's as that is +1 & +1 for a total of +2 above the position maxes --or-- you cant keep a combined RB/WR of 6 as that is +2 over the position max (Yes you could actually keep 5 WR & no RB or 5RB & no WR, as it is one position block). Hope the examples explain it..

2: A 3 round supp draft after the NFL draft that is from a pool of the players that were drafted in the NFL draft, and only those players that were drafted. These are tradeable.

3: 3 "sophmore" keepers slots that are tradeable. These slots are NOT attached the rookie draft picks. (so if you trade a rookie draft pick you are NOT also trading the soph slot. Qualifying Players must have no "games" spanning more than a season, It will be determined by looking at NFL.com stats for that player. The "games" stat is a stat for number of games a player is active for, not starts. So the sophs are NOT JUST the players we drafted right after the NFL draft. It is for anyone with only one year in the NFL.
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