Opening in AL-Boehning (soon to be renamed AL-Price)

Jan Armstrong
October 22, 2011 06:55PM
AL-Boehning (soon to be renamed after this year's champion, Kris Price, as AL-Price) has Team 8 available. This league has existed since 1989. It competes in a World Series with the winner of NL-Armstrong (soon to be renamed after this year's champion, Terry Mahuron, as NL-Mahuron). We web-draft and play basic SS rules with the following exceptions: (1) Every January we draft a player off the prior year's AL list (the 2011 list) that was not drafted (either major leaguer or minor leaguer). This player does not count against the 13 major league limit for the upcoming year and does cause the loss of a late-round pick for a minor leaguer in the upcoming year. (2) We draft through round 36, not round 35 in the spring. (3) The draft protection lists are due in early March and we draft in mid to late March so the Major League teams have made most starting choices. (4) You may trade crossover spots, so it is possible to have more than 2 crossover players.

Team 8 has a list of major league players including: R. Halladay; D. Fister; M. Garza; J. Mauer; P. Konerko; J. Weeks; H. Ramirez; D. Jeter; A. Rios, B. Abreu; B. Revere. This team picks first in the January and Spring drafts.

If possible (though not required) we would love to have the owner also take Team 7 in NL-Armstrong. There are currently 6 owners that own teams in both leagues. I have also posted the other team. We are looking for a long-term committed owner.

Contact me at if interested in one or both teams.
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» Opening in AL-Boehning (soon to be renamed AL-Price)

Jan Armstrong 1895 October 22, 2011 06:55PM

Re: Opening in AL-Boehning (soon to be renamed AL-Price)

Jan R. Armstrong 1113 October 29, 2011 08:35PM


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