Don L. Mearns
March 23, 2017 06:40PM
Hi Guys,

There is currently 1 team available in the BL NCML Contract League (Going into it's 3rd year) & 1 Team open in an identecle BL CONNIE MACK 2 Contract League (Going into it's 2nd year). If you're truly interested in joining one or both of these leagues, I'd be happy to send you the roster for Team #9 in the BL NCML, which went 81-81 last year or Team #6 in the BL CONNIE MACK 2, which went 74-88 last year.

The BL NCML & BL Connie Mack 2 are looking for some new blood, so don't let this opportunity to join a great contract league, slip through your fingers. If you have some spare time & are in search of a contract league, which is heavily into prospects, we've got it. We are building franchises in these leagues, not just teams.

Here is the URL for the BL NCML Spreadsheet & the Scoresheet Roster Page:

[]- lib/lg_players_frames.htm?dir_ lgw=/FOR_WWW1/BL_NCML;dynamic
The NCML Spreadsheet.
[] spreadsheets/d/1dHXlMnhb_ HhdA1tH1A-BMXPtiD6xPG-bJPWO_ bx97Oo/edit?usp=sharing

THE CONNIE MACK 2 also has 1 opening, Team #14, which went (95-67).

Here is the URL for the BL CONNIE MACK 2 Spreadsheet & the Scoresheet Roster Page.

I have updated the Spreadsheet with all of the latest transactions through 12/12



Here is the URL for the CONNIE MACK 2 Roster Page.


Here is some dope on what this league offers. So far we have signed only owners some of us have played with before. They are all very good. If you're interested, let me know, since I'm the commissioner & also handle the recruiting.

The leagues are both Scoresheet Leagues. This will be the main aspects of the leagues, but it will be very involved with a ton of new twists.

* If you'd like a real challenge, are interested in building a franchise (rather than just a team) & are really into MiLB, the BL NCML BL CONNIE MACK 2 are for you.

* They are both contract leagues with identical rules. The NCML is going into year 3, with 50 contract years to dole out to it's players, while the CONNIE MACK 2 is going into it's 2nd year & has 45 years to dole out to your players.

* 8 teams will make the playoffs. 4 division winners & 4 wild cards.

* We will hold a 5 Round MiLB Draft ( Only players with absolutely ZERO playing experience in MLB, can be drafted in this Draft.) The MiLB Draft, will be held AFTER the MLB FA Draft (Only players that have appeared in a regular season MLB game) are available in this draft.).

* There will be a 35 man MLB roster.

* There will be a 15 player MiLB roster. However, ALL of these players (MLB & MiLB, will be on the same roster. You & your fellow owners will be able to see all of the players you own, on the same page, which will make trading & such much easier.

* We will hold a 3 Round Bi-Weekly Waiver Wire Mini Draft through the end of August. There will not be any Supplemental Drafts, like most Scoresheet Leagues. The waiver order will be selected on the usual worst to first record for said waiver period. There will be a 3 player limit per team, per period. The add/drops will be just like a mini draft every other week. You put in the players you wish to add, on the Scoresheet draft site. You will not need to drop your players, to get back to the 35 man limit, UNTIL the next weeks lineups are due with Scoresheet, which is before the 1st MLB game every Monday morning. That's Pretty Awesome!

* We would hold a yearly 4 Round Amateur Draft, every year the last week in August. After the owners know if the amateurs actually signed and after they've played awhile. In that way you would have a better idea of their skill sets.

* You will be able to keep 15 MiLB players on the farm. There will be no penalties levied for keeping MiLB players. No loss of Draft Picks or anything else. They will be yours to trade or keep and develop. The only stipulation will be, before the following years Draft, if you currently have more than 15, you would have to drop some to get back down to 15.

* Once your MiLB players join your roster and lose there rookie status, after 50 IP or 150 AB, per MLB rules, they will be yours for 3 more years. You would have to sign them to a contract before their 3rd year kicked in, or lose them to free agency, at the conclusion of the 3rd year. With this rule, you would have a fairly good idea, whether or not they would be worth signing to a contract.

* Every owner can have 1 franchise player. Franchise Players are yours to keep and are completely FREE. The Contracts they are Signed to, DO NOT count against the allotted Contract Years, which gives you more years to dole out to other players. You may sign them twice to Contracts ranging from 2- 6 years, which means the longest you can keep a franchise player is 12 years. Your best player costs you nothing.

* Players can be signed to contracts ranging from 2- 6 years. However the more players you give a 6 year contract to, the less you have for other players. This will be a thinking mans league. After the contracts have been turned into the commissioner, any player not signed to a 2-6 year contract, is automatically signed to a 1 year contract.

* Of course you will be able to make all sorts of trades, but will have to take into consideration, the # of years left on the contracts of the players you're trading for, as well as receiving. You can also trade your Franchise Player.

* With 20 owners and all of the MLB & MiLB players being kept, there wouldn't be much to pick from at the beginning of year 2. Going into the 3rd year it would be a better draft and after the 3rd year, it would be amazing, with a lot of players being signed to 3 year contracts, becoming FA. You will see players becoming available , you would never see in a normal Scoresheet league, as the contracts started expiring. In years 4, 5, & 6, etc.. It just keeps getting better & better.

* Oh! By the way, all American & National League players would be available. I would never be in anything but a BL format. I really hope this interests you. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

If you were ever interested in joining a Contract League, which is the ULTIMATE, by the way, now is your chance. Don't dally or someone will beat you to it!

Don L.

P. S. My e-mail address is:

The NCML Roster File/Spreadsheet I'm sending you simply has every player you currently own listed. Many of those will need to be dropped , as the MLB ( ALL R2, R3 & MLcool smiley players Roster limit heading into the FA Draft is 21. The MiLB (ALL -R1 & R1) Roster limit is 15, with NO in season limit.

Here is the URL for the BL NCML Spreadsheet & Scoresheet Roster Page:

In the NCML the following teams atre available. Teams 6, 10 &19.
[]- lib/lg_players_frames.htm?dir_ lgw=/FOR_WWW1/BL_NCML;dynamic
The NCML 1 Spreadsheet.
[] spreadsheets/d/1dHXlMnhb_ HhdA1tH1A-BMXPtiD6xPG-bJPWO_ bx97Oo/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks so much for your interest. I hope this helps.

Don L.


The following is the order in which important tasks will take place, including some specific dates.


* Ideally, we would hope for everyone to select at least mid-sized cities without MLB teams already. Just think of it as if we are attempting to create a competing league with MLB. Certainly, we want to be as flexible as possible and do not even want to begin to tell people how to name their teams. That said, we do think it is in the spirit of this league’s purpose to try to pick realistic cities and nicknames and hope owners have the same idea. Since in real life many franchises take great pride in selecting a nickname that represents their city, we also hope owners do the same. There is a list available of some suggested cities to choose from, but we are completely open to new ideas if you think of one not listed. The point of this is to make the league more fun, not more restrictive.

* No One WILL BE Allowed to use a City/ Area that MLB Currently Uses. Nor Will They Be ALLOWED to Use ANY MLB Team Nicknames. I'm NOT REAL Concerned about the Size of the City/ Area Used along with Your Team Nickname, But EVERY Team Nickname MUST BE Prefaced by a City/ Area. Personally I like to use Areas in place of a City, as Ed has with "Lehifgh Valley Ironmen." My Team Names are "Puget Sound Prcas" & "Great Pacific NW Sasquatch's."

Like I said, i'm Not Real Concerned about the Size of the City/Area but AM Concerned about the Nickname GIVEN the Team. Just Think of it as YOUR City/Area is Going to be Blessed with a New Franchise, The Team Runs a Contest as They ALL DO for the Naming of That Team & YOU Want to WIN because YOU Could WIN Season Tickets, if YOUR Team Name IS Selected.

* OPEN THE INAUGURAL WINTER TRADING SEASON: We will open the Inaugural Winter Trading Season as soon as possible after the World Series. However, since I Feel it is Extremely Important for the New Owners to be involved in this SWAP MEET, I Won't Open it Until I've Filled @ Least 95% of the Vacancies. I know whenever I took over an Orphaned Team, I ALWAYS Wanted to Make a Lot of Trades to put My Personal STAMP on That Team. I'm Sure Most of us Feel the same way. Everyone has their Favorites, Players they Can't Stand & Their OWN IDEAS on How to Build a Franchise, which is what we're doing in both of these leagues.

NOTE: In the EXCEL FILE Each Teams Roster HAS BEEN Broken Down to Show the Status of EVERY Player. INCLUDING those Under Contract, (-R1), (R1), (R2), (R3), (FA1), (FA2), FA3), (FA4) & MLB Players.

* DROPPING MLB PLAYERS: Owners WILL BE Required to DROP ALL Excess MLB Players, BY February 28, 2017. This will give all of us 2 Full Weeks to check out this Years FA Class & Load Our Ques. The Pre FA Draft MLB (R2, R3 & MLcool smiley Keeper Limit is (10-21) Players. All of the Players that ARE Dropped @ this time, WILL Make Up the Bulk of Our 2017 FA Class.


NOTE: Player Designations are only done ONCE a year. They WII Be Completed By the First Week in November Each Year. That Will Provide us Ample time to Plan our Roster Needs heading into Winter Trading Season & the FA Draft.

(FA1) - These are players that went undrafted in the Free Agent (or Inaugural) Draft.
These players can be given up to a 3 year contract once the season ends without
any penalty. Once this contract expires, the player will have an FA3 designation. If
the player is only extended 1-year, that year will count against the
yearly limit.

NOTE: If a Player was Drafted, he WILL NOT Qualify as a FA-1, Even if he was Later Released and Claimed by Another Team, Through the Waiver Draft.
(FA2) - Players taken in the back half of the draft, or the last number of specific
rounds determined by the commissioner can have one player given a contract
up to 5 years without penalty. Only one player with this designation can be
extended without penalty. All others would need to be extended via the regular
(FA3) method and the "+5" rule. If the player extended in this fashion is
traded before July of the following season, the contract years stay on
the books of both teams until the player’s contract expires. This is to
avoid having a team agree to extend a player for another team who would
otherwise become a free agent. If a player is only extended to a 1-year
contract, that year will count against the yearly limit.

NOTE: The (FA2) Exceptionsare Designed to Provide a Reward for Owners that Make Good Picks LATE in the Draft.

(FA3) - These are players who were taken in the free agent draft and whose
contract has expired. These players will go into the Free Agent Draft unless
extended with a "+5" penalty’. The way this penalty works is that the new last
year of a contract cost 5 years of contract limits, the second to last year cost 6 years.
The third to last year cost 7 contract years, and the fourth to last cost 8
years. The maximum contract given for this type of extension is 4 years
and the cost are (1 season = 5 years, 2 seasons = 6 years, 3 seasons = 7
years & 4 seasons = 8 years). Teams can trade these players, but
the contracts stay on the books for that season and half of the
remaining contract years (rounded down) stay on the books for the
duration of the contract. The acquiring team gets all of the years on
their books. A team can only extend a contract one time.

NOTE: These Players Have Multi-Year Contracts that Have Expired OR Were Taken in the 1st 1/2 of the Draft & NOT Given a Multi-Year Contract.

(FA4) - These are players that have already
been extended via a "+5" penalty and cannot be extended again. These
players cannot be prevented from becoming free agents.


* Each team will receive one franchise tag to assign to a player. This tag
enables a team to assign a second contract to a player once the initial
contract has expired. When a player is tagged, the contract years do not
count against a team’s limit. While the tag itself cannot be traded in isolation
to another team, a tagged player can be traded to another team. In this
instance the tag remains with the player until the initial contract
expires and then returns to the original team to assign to another
player. A team can only tag the same player twice, and a team can hold
onto a tag without applying it. Releasing a player with a tag does not
remove the tag or bring back the tag. Tags can only be applied to a
player with at least three years remaining on their contract, and thus
cannot be used in consecutive years. We are discussing the possibility
of a special type of tag for players who have been on the same team for
two consecutive 6-year deals. This will allow a team to extend that
player at the end of the 12 years without penalty through a Captain Tag.
Considering we are a decade away from this becoming an issue, we will
revisit this at a later date.

NOTE: MLB Players May be Dropped @ Any Time. There are NO Penalties Levied for this. For those MLB Players that ARE Signed to a Contract, that Contract stays with them Until the End of the Year.

NOTE: If a Player Enters the off-season Without a Contract or is Released in the off-season from a Contract, he WILL Enter the Free Agent Draft where upon being Selected he CAN BE Assigned a New Contract Regardless of ANY Previous Contract Status.

* DROPPING MiLB PLAYERS: Owners WILL also BE Required to DROP ALL Excess MiLB (-R1 & R1) Players by February 28, 2017. The Roster Limit for MiLB Talent is 15 Players. This is the ONLY time of the Year their is a Limit on MiLB Players as there is NO in Season Limit. This WILL Give Owners 3 Full Weeks to Check Out this Years MiLB FA Talent.


NOTE: Player Designations ARE ONLY Done ONCE a Year. They WII Be Completed By the First Week in November Each Year. That Will Provide us Ample time to Plan our Roster Needs Heading into Winter Trading Season & the FA Draft. They are NEVER DONE as IP & AB Accumulate during the Year, but are Adjusted BEFORE the Following Year.

(-R1) = Any Player with Absolutely NO time in the Show.
(R1) = Any Player with Less Than 50 IP or 150 AB.
(R2) = Any Player with 50 or More IP or 150 or More AB.
(R3) = Any (R2), that Plays AT ALL in the Show, the Year After he Becomes a (R2), Automatically Becomes a (R3).

NOTE: Many Players WILL NEVER be Designated as (R1), as They WILL Go Directly from (-R1) to (R2).

NOTE: Once a Player Becomes a (R3), he MUST BE Signed to a Contract BEFORE his (R3) Season Starts or Lost to FA @ the END of His (R3) Season. If You Decide NOT to Sign an (R3) to a Contract, he WILL NOT Count Toward Your Contract Years, but Be FREE for his (R3) Season.

MLB: The MLB roster consists of ALL Players Designated as (R2), (R3) or MLB. The Roster Limit for this group of Players is 35, which MUST be Adjusted when the 35 Player Limit is Exceeded BEFORE New Lineups ARE Due Every Monday morning, BEFORE the Start of the First MLB Game Played That Day.

NOTE: Since there were a # of Owners who Failed to DROP their Excess Players after our Bi-Weekly Waiver Drafts Last Year I have Added a New Rule for the Coming Season. For those Owners that FAIL to REMOVE Enough Players, to Reach the 35 Player MLB Roster Limit, I WILL BE FORCED to Manually DROP those Players that were JUST OBTAINED in That Waiver Draft. I Sincerely Hope I'm not FORCED To Do This..

I Can't Express Enough how Important this is for Our Leagues. It's Simply Not Fair for some owners to go into a New Scoring Period with More Than the 35 Player MLB Roster Limit. Another side affect is, there Would Be LESS FA to CHOOSE From on that Weeks Waiver Wire. As Long as We Keep Our MLB Roster Limit @. the 35 Player Limit & with the (R2) Now Part of the MLB Roster, we Should Have a Lot Better Talent Base to Choose from During Our Bi-Weekly Waiver Drafts.

NOTE: MiLB Players May be Dropped @ any time. There are NO Restrictions or Penalties Levied for this.

* 2017 MLB FA DRAFT: The MLB FA Draft WILL BEGIN on Tuesday March, 14. It WILL BE a 14 Round Draft for the Majority of Owners. For those Owners that protect Less Than the 21 Player Maximum, they WILL Draft from Round 36 & Up, Until Such Time as they Reach their 35 Player MLB Roster Limit. This Draft WILL start @ Round 22 , Every Year since the Maximum # of Protected MLB Players is 21. There WILL BE about 30 minutes between picks & We'll Complete about 1 1/2 Rounds Per Day. It WILL TAKE about 11 days.

NOTE: (R1) MAY BE Drafted in this Portion of the Draft, even though they are lumped with the(-R1) as MiLB Players. Only Players that Have Played in the Show MAY BE Drafted in the MLB FA Draft. ABSOLUTELY NO (-R1), WILL BE Available in this Draft. We hold 2 MiLB Drafts Every Year in which ONLY (-R!) MAY BE Drafted.

NOTE: ALL of Our Drafts ARE RUN Through the Scoresheet (Undrafted Players & Ranking List) Site. They will ALWAYS Be Held in a Worst to First Format with the Champion of the League ALWAYS Getting the Last Pick & the Runner Up Next to Last, Regardless of Their Season Record. The Worst to 1st Scenario WILL BE Used Throughout the ENTIRE Draft, as After the Best Team Makes His Pick it WILL IMMEDIATELY go Right Back to the Worst Team. Unless we start a New League, Snake Drafts are a Thing of Our Past.

* The NCML 1 & CML 2 MLB Draft WILL BE Limited to ONLY Players, Currently Listed on the SS Draft Site.

NOTE: For Those Players NOT Currently Listed on the (Undrafted Players & Ranking List Site), You CAN Send Jeff Barton @ Scoresheet the Names of the Players Requested & He WILL Load Their Names ONTO the Draft Site.

* 2017 MiLB DRAFT: The 2017 MiLB (-R1), IN THIS CASE ONLY, WILL BEGIN on Tuesday March 28. It WILL BE a 4 Round Draft & Take Approximately 3 Days to Complete, with About 30 Minutes Between Each Pick.

* No drafting of players with ANY MLB experience, during the regular season, they may ONLY be drafted, during MiLB drafts.

* No Drafting of Players With MLB playing experience, during the regular season, MAY BE Drafted, during MiLB Drafts.

* Players With NO MLB playing experience,during the regular season, may ONLY be Drafted, during Designated MiLB Drafts.

* The NCML 1 & CML 2 Drafts will be limited to ONLY players, currently listed on the SS draft site.


* Years Available:
Season 1 - 40 years
Season 2 - 45 years
Season 3 and beyond - 50 years

NOTE: The NCML 1 Will Be Going Into It's 3rd Year, Therefore Receiving 50 Years to Dole Out to Players of Your Choice.

NOTE: The CML 2 Will Be Going Into It's 2nd Year, Therefore Receiving 45 Years to Dole Out to Players of Your Choice.

* ANY Player may be signed to a Contract between 2-6 Years There are exceptions to this as in ( FA1), (FA2) & (FA3). Specific Rules concerning these 3 particular groups are listed above.

This is the Player that has the Franchise Tag, Allowing for a 2nd Contract
to be assigned after the first one expires. Contract years for this player
DO NT Count against the Yearly Limit.

For players Needing Contracts, Owners Allocate Contract Years by opening day
(some leeway might be granted in the first season or when an owner is new).
Any Player NOT Assigned a Contract WILL Automatically Receive a 1 Year Contract,
BUT One Year Contractson DO NOT COUNT against the Annual Contract Limit.

NOTE: When a Player has TWO Years Left, Once the Season Ends, You Get ..
2 Years Back to Allocate to Other Players. In Summary, the Final Year of ANY Standard
Contract DOES NOT Count against Your Total. Therefore ANYTIME a Player
Reaches the Final Year of his Contract, Whether he was Initially Signed
for 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 the Final Year of his Contract DOES NOT COUNT
Toward the Current Limit.
NOTE: When NON-PENALTY Extensions ARE Given for 1 year, it DOES Count as 1 yr Against the Limit Due to the Fact that this Would Otherwise Result FREE Extensions Without Cost. More details are provided in a subsequent section. SEE (FA1).

* Rolling over contract years:
Saving Years and Not a Allocating them serves no benefit other than
Keeping Those Years Open for Future Acquisitions. If You Allocate ONLY
20 Years During sSeason 1, or if you Allocate ALL 40, you WILL STILL End Up with
45 Years Available during the off-season, BEFORE Season 2 like Every Other team.
Teams WOULD NOT be Permitted to ADD Unused Years to Future Seasons.


Teams ARE NOT Permitted to Trade Contract Years to other teams. However,
Within a Season a Team MAY HAVE Players under Contract Well Exceeding the
Contract Limit, due to Trades and Waivers. During the off-season, this
Team Would HAVE TO MAKE Trades or Releases to Get Back Under the Limit,
as that is the Period when the Limits ARE Recognized and Enforced. Once
the Protection Period has started until Free Agent Contracts have been
Assigned, Teams MUST BE at or Below the Limit. Certain Frozen Periods of
Non-Trading WILL BE Implemented while Contracts ARE Being Assigned.

* Waivers:

* We will use a Bi-Weekly WAIVER CLAIM System for the purpose
of Adding and Removing Players from the Roster. As with ALL of our
Drafts the Waiver Draft WILL BE Run through the Scoesheet, "Undrafted
Players & Ranking List" site. Waivers WILL BE Taken in Reverse
Standings Order, with the Worst Record getting first dibs on a Player.
If records are tied, they will follow the draft tie breaker rules below.
Players without ANY MLB experience are NOT eligible to be selected.
Players WILL BE Assigned 1 Year Contracts Initially that DO NOT Count
against the Yearly Contract Limit. While these players WILL BE Given
Free Agent Satus at the End of the Season, there are Options Available
to Keep Them ON the Roster Beyond the Current Season.

NOTE: ALL of Our Drafts ARE RUN Through the Scoresheet (Undrafted Players & Ranking List) Site. They Will ALWAYS Be Held in a Worst to First Format with the Team that has the Worst Record on the Monday morning BEFORE the Waiver Draft ALWAYS Getting the 1st Pick in That Draft. The Worst to 1st Scenario WILL BE Used Throughout the ENTIRE Waiver Draft, as After the Best Team Makes His Pick it WILL IMMEDIATELY go Right Back to the Worst Team.

Players with contracts that are released maintain their contract status in-season, as long as they have a regular contract. That is if a team releases a player signed to a 3 year deal, a team acquiring him also picks up the 3 year contract. Exceptions are players with contract types with penalties associated with them (+5). If a player is released in the off-season, they become free agents without any ties to their previous contract status. More info on that will be given during Free Agent Types.

We have added waivers to this league so that teams can replenish their roster as frequently as necessary to account for injuries and performance issues. Because of this option, there should be fewer appearances by Scoresheets AAA-Player because 35-man rosters should be adequite enough to have back-ups at every position. Therefore, there will be penalties for repeated instances of not having enough players to satisfy simulation needs.

In an effort to keep owners more involved in our bi-weekly Waiver Drafts ( owners that fail to drop there unwanted picks & let their Que's run out, which in turn triggers an automatic Scoresheet pick), MUST keep that player(s) on their roster until the Monday before the next Waiver Draft. Since they MUST keep their MLB rosters @ the 35 player limit, in most cases they would be forced to drop a player(s) they actually wanted to keep.

NOTE: If a Player Enters the off-season Without a Contract or is Released in the off-season from a Contract, he WILL Enter the Free Agent Draft where upon being selected he CAN BE Assigned a New Contract Regardless of ANY Previous Contract Status.

NOTE: The LAST Waiver Draft WILL BE HELD ON Wednesday August, 23. This WILL GIVE Owners About 5 Days to Load Their Ques for the Amateur Draft which Starts, the FOLLOWING Wednesday.


* This Draft WILL Begin ON Wednesday August 30. It WILL BE a 5 Round Draft. This IS One of the MOST IMPORTANT Drafts of the Year, Since We ARE Building Franchises Rather than Teams.

NOTE: ALL Trading WILL END ON Monday September 4,when Line Ups ARE DUE, By the Start of the 1st MLB Game Played That Day.

NOTE: OUR Winter Trading Season WILL BEGIN Sunday November 5.

Don L.

P.S. I will send you a copy of our Constitution & help in any way possible if you are truly interested in joining one or both of these leagues. I hope to hear from you soon, as Spring Training has already begun.

If you can help me out it would be much appreciated.

Don L.
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