Lamenting my injury-riddled season

By Scoresheet_Tom | May 27th, 2011

I found it interesting that last week’s Scoresheet podcast touched on the topic of injuries and the importance of having depth in your roster. Jeff Barton offered some good advice for Scoresheet owners, of which I am one.

Now if only I could figure out how to deal with the onslaught of injuries that have hit my Scoresheet AL team, one that I thought had some depth and was capable of a title run this year.

Reality has quickly sunk in. You can see for yourself at this league link (mine is the cellar-dwelling team 6).

My ‘vaunted’ starting rotation was hit early with the spring training injury to Zack Greinke. Even with his return his numbers haven’t been anywhere near expected (what, I wasn’t figuring he’d have a sizzling 7.11 ERA for my Scoresheet team at this point?). Johan Santana is still recovering and likely won’t see action before late June. Francisco Liriano threw a no-no in the majors, that’s good, right? Well, other than that his numbers haven’t been good – far too many walks – and the result has been a fine 1-7 record for my Scoresheet team thus far. Daisuke Matsuzaka showed promise early  but has now landed himself on the DL with elbow problems, not a good sign. Bruce Chen figured to be a stop gap guy who could fill in during Santana’s absence, but since he’s been on the DL since early May, that theory hasn’t worked out so well. Only Felix Hernandez has essentially delivered as expected among the guys I figured would get the bulk of the season’s stats. As it turns out, Pitcher-AAA seems to be leading the way! Oh geez…

Onto the hitting side of things, my pick up of utility man Marco Scutaro in an offseason trade has proven to be a bust thus far. He’s been on the DL since May 8 and wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire to that point. Hopefully he returns in the next week and will join his Red Sox teammates in turning around from a rough start. Likewise Kevin Kouzmanoff, who was having a terrible season offensively and defensively, has now been ‘day-to-day’ for the past week with a groin injury just when he was showing some signs of improvement. It’d be nice to have Scutaro to fill in there! My first baseman / DH Adam Lind was perhaps my best hitter along with Miguel Cabrera, but Lind hit the DL on May 8th and is unlikely to return before the end of May.

All in all, I think I’ve had something like 12 players on the DL (or out for several days) at the same time this season. And my team’s record shows it – dead last with a not so swell 18-32 mark.

Here’s hoping June gets here soon and good health news comes along with it! After all, they tell me it’s a long season ;-)


By Ed Nelson on May 27th, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Lost De La Rosa and Buster Posey 2 days apart in NL Maltese Falcon. I’m still in the denial phase of my Posey recovery with 6-7 steps left to go before acceptance sets in.


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