Fantasy Football Week 1 Warning Signs

By Scoresheet_Tom | September 15th, 2011

It’s always fun to watch the NFL games on Sunday thanks to my DirecTV football package. Sure, it’s gone from a bargain in its infancy ($99 early bird price) to a small fortune these days (I try not to look for fear of a heart attack – it’s something like $349 now), but it’s the best way to keep tabs on everything that goes on in the pro football world. Sundays are a weekly event in my household from 8am to 8pm.

Which brings me to my initial observations on week one of 2011. Now, I know from experience that one can’t draw too many conclusions from the first week of action as teams can turn things around. But that isn’t to say it’s unfair to pay attention to the obvious.

Let’s review some of the concerns that jumped out for me from the fantasy fooball angle:

1) Kansas City Chiefs – If you are depending on RB Jamaal Charles or perhaps WR Dwayne Bowe to make key contributions to your fantasy football team, you may be in for a long season. The mediocre Buffalo Bills marched into Arrowhead Stadium, typically one of the toughest places to play for road teams, and completely dominated a Chiefs team that looked terrible in preseason as well. This may be the worst team in football and the offense nothing short of pathetic.

UPDATE: The worst news possible for Jamaal Charles – out for the season after a week two injury. And the Chiefs were trounced again, this time 48-3 at Detroit. Ouch!

2) Donovan McNabb - I figured ‘what the heck’ and drafted McNabb as my backup QB in Scoresheet fantasy football. Then I made the bold decision to start him in week one, figuring it might be a high scoring affair in San Diego. That’s the first and last time that will happen. McNabb looked awful, passing for a whopping 39 yards in the Vikings loss to the Chargers. Had he just put up Alex Smith numbers the Vikings likely win that game! You know it’s bad when the Redskins look brilliant for making the move to Rex Grossman. Folks, I’m here to tell ya, McNabb is done. With all the weapons the Vikings have, I can’t imagine they will stick with him if things don’t take a dramatic turn for the better in the next few weeks. I won’t be holding my breath.

3) Denver Broncos – The Raiders aren’t a very good team, but they definitely have the Broncos’ number right now. I suspect any team with a good running game will. And despite the overall respectable numbers, the statue that is Kyle Orton clearly is not the answer at QB. Tim Tebow may not be the Broncos players’ choice for starting QB but he clearly is the fans’. Why wait? Give the fans what they want during what clearly looks like a rebuilding period for the Broncos.

4) Indianapolis Colts – Uh oh. The Peyton Manning injury has sent the Colts spiraling into bottom feeder status. The team was beginning to show its age going into this season. Now? It appears any hopes of a playoff run are pure fantasy. Six wins may be a lofty goal. And Kerry Collins came out of retirement for this? It’s going to be a long season for Colts fans. Likewise, RB Joseph Addai, WRs Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon will have a tough time putting up the kind of fantasy numbers their owners planned on.

That’s about it for my week one rants. Maybe next week I’ll focus on the positive and find some players on the rise in the fantasy football world.



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