Fantasy Baseball

Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball is the only fantasy game available that plays complete ball games, one at-bat at a time, using statistics from the current week’s major league games. You will make batting orders and pitching rotations, decide when to bunt, pinch hit, and platoon, designate closers and set up a bullpen — in short, you will draft, trade and manage just like you would if you owned a real major league team! And, it’s not just about ‘point’ adding like other fantasy systems. Let’s be honest, ‘point’ adding is boring, and is *not* real baseball. At Scoresheet we are all avid baseball fans, and we think you’ll agree, our   fantasy baseball sim is the next best thing to ‘real’ baseball itself.

Fantasy Football

Scoresheet Fantasy Football is not simply about points for touchdowns and yards gained. Instead, we offer a unique fantasy game which reflects virtually everything that happens on the field, including tackles and assists for individual defensive players, deductions for incomplete passes or failed rushing attempts, yardage for special teams, and more. We offer the most complete scoring system you’ll find anywhere. No other fantasy football game plays at this level.

Fantasy Hockey

Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey values defense and goaltending in addition to just scoring goals, and even gives more ice time to forwards on your first line than ones on your third line. And in all sports, injured starters are automatically replaced with backups that you have. Our fantasy hockey game reflects virtually everything that happens on the ice.

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Given the number of hours you spend following major league sports each season, you owe it to yourself to play the most realistic game possible. And, since our computer does all the work, it’s takes no more of your time to play a more realistic game… it’s just more fun. So, play the best this season, and Play Scoresheet!