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The Race is On :: Please Not the Yanks

By admin | September 27th, 2009

Is anyone surprised that the Yankees are kicking butt in the American League? Isn’t this 2006? They took the AL East for the 16th time. Yes, that’s impressive. But I still hate the Yankees.

Fantasy Football Rap:: Bring on the NFL

By admin | September 20th, 2009

This video is a YouTube classic for Fantasy Football fans.

Brandon Marshall :: Headache for Broncos

By admin | September 13th, 2009

If Shanahan had his way, Marshall would have been cut last February after his ProBowl receiver appearance. Shanahan didn’t hide his feelings, in fact he told then Quarterback Jay Cutler, Bronco’s Quarterback he was going to cut Marshall.

Twitter and the NFL :: Breaking Up

By admin | September 9th, 2009

Players were embracing the technology and giving insights during game breaks. Well, that was until the NFL decided that maybe a little secrecy would keep their game plays safe.

Penny Added to Giants Roster

By admin | September 2nd, 2009

Its expected that Penny will replace Joe Martinez in the rotation. And why not? He had a 5.61 ERA with the Red Sox this season, who signed him to a 1 year deal worth $5 million.