Final Pre-Season Instructions/Submitting Initial Lineup:

Your league roster is posted on your league's web page. If you have lost your league's web address you can go to list of league links for a list of links to all our leagues.

When creating your lineup you might want to try using the lineup card feature on your league's web page - we think/hope that you will find using that feature is the easiest way to create and send in a lineup. Also, lineup changes sent in using the web based lineup form are free - lineups sent in any other way (by regular e-mail, fax or postal mail) are $5. And once again, when sending lineups from the web, after hitting the send button you should see a message that says 'lineup successfully sent to the Scoresheet Office'. If you do not see that message then your lineup was most likely NOT successfully sent.

Instructions for filling out the lineup card, along with a sample lineup, were included with the draft/rules packet. If you did not get that printed draft/rules packet and would like one sent to you, please let us know. A sample lineup card and instructions are also on our web site and a video is available in the "How To" section that shows how to make changes and submit your lineup.. Links to that info can be found at: list of baseball links along with links to the complete rules packet.

If you need more blanks during the season just let us know and we will send you some. If you are out of blanks and want to make a lineup change, use any paper you want, but please make sure you use the same column order as our lineup cards. Also, it is fine with us if you make copies of these blank lineup cards (just ignore our copyright as long as you are using these forms for Scoresheet teams.) And please include Scoresheet player numbers on your lineups and trade reports!

Scoresheet games are played on our computer on Thursday mornings, using the previous week's major league stats (using player's major league stats from Thurs-Wednesday.) Lineup card changes for that week's Scoresheet games must be made before you see how your players do in the majors that week, meaning your lineup must be submitted (sent from your league's web page, faxed, e-mailed or postmarked) before any of that week's major league games begin on Thursday. For example, Scoresheet Baseball games played on our computer on Thursday, May 17th use major league stats from Thursday, May 10th thru Wednesday, May 16th. Thus the lineup you want used for Scoresheet games played by the computer on Thursday morning May 17th would have to be submitted (sent in) by/before the first MLB game starts on Thursday the 10th. And please, make any lineup changes BEFORE any major league games begin on Thursday if you want them used for that week's games. Lineups sent in after the first MLB game begins on Thursday will not be used until the following week. (The idea being that you turn in your lineup *before* you see what your players are doing in real life that week, and then at the end of the week we play the week's games using that week's stats.)

TRADES: The best way to report trades is to use the trade report form on your league's web page.. When you make a trade you will probably want to turn in a new lineup with the old players off of it, and the new players on. We do need to hear from BOTH of the owners involved in the trade before we can put it into effect. Please, for everyone's sake, report any trades you are involved in the SAME WEEK you make the trade.

As stated in the draft packet, you can use players all season at the positions they are listed at in the draft packet, with their listed fielding range. We will qualify players at new positions during the season once they have played 10 games at that position in the majors. We even occasionally qualify a guy at a new position before he has played 10 games there if it is clearly going to be his new main position. This means we may also qualify a player at a new position in time for the very first week's games if he starts the first week there, and that is clearly going to be his main position. For instance, if Youkilis really opens the season as the everyday Red Sox third basemen, then you could play him at 3B on your first lineup card.

FREE AGENTS: Scoresheet does NOT have weekly free agent pickups. Instead we have 5 mid-season drafts with each team receiving 2 players in each draft. Drafts are held the third week of April, May, June, July and August. Details will follow in the weekly newsletters that accompany the game results.

You do not need to send in a new lineup card every week. The game automatically takes care of injuries, you only need to send in a new lineup card if you want to change starters for reserves, change the batting order, pitching rotation, or change strategies. (Of course, if you make a trade you'll probably want to send in a new lineup card with the new players included.) If you do want to make a lineup change then those new lineups are free *as long as* they are sent in using your league's web page's lineup form. And please do not forget that to have a new lineup used for that week's games it needs to be sent in before the first MLB game of the week starts (before the first game starts each Thursday.) Any lineups sent to us after that week's MLB games have started on Thursday will NOT take affect until the following week.

Once again, please, send in your initial lineup card before the start of the first game of the MLB regular season! If we do not get a week 1 lineup from you, or if it was submitted after the week one deadline of the 4th, we will have to use a standard lineup for you, which means we will simply list players in the order you drafted them, with no platooning. In short, your team will still participate in league games, but using one of our standard lineups will definitely lower your chances of winning games. Your team will certainly do better if you turn in your own week 1 lineup!

Please remember that even though you have drafted a 35 man roster you can only list 30 players on a lineup card. You DO retain the rights to the players you do not list on the lineup, they form kind of a taxi squad. Players on your 'taxi squad' will come in and play for you before we shuffle players out of position, or go to AAA players. If you have more than one player at the same position on your taxi squad they will appear in order of season to date major league playing time.

During a 7 game week we let your players bat and pitch a little more than they did that week in the majors. We also carry over unused pitcher stats from week to week. (This only applies if you had scheduled a pitcher to start, and he started twice in the majors and only once for you that week. In that instance a pitcher may get two Scoresheet starts in a future week even if he only had one major league start in that future week.) Carry overs do NOT happen if the reason a guy played less in Scoresheet that week is because you had him on the bench, or in the bullpen, and the opportunity to play did not come up. Predicting how a player will do is what this game is about. If you bench a guy and he goes out and hits 5 home runs that week for his major league team then you will miss out on those HRs! When you make out your lineup card you should use players based on what you believe they WILL do in upcoming weeks, NOT what they did in past weeks. A couple of weeks into the season we will devote most of a newsletter to the use of carry over stats and 'luck-balancing' in the Scoresheet game program - it will make much more sense after you see a few weeks of game results.

Once the season gets rolling we generally do all of our mailings (both postal and electronic) Monday mid-day.

As the season goes on we would welcome any suggestions, questions, or criticisms you care to send us. The best time to call is Monday thru Saturday, from 9:00 A.M. till 5:30 P.M., Pacific time. We keep very flexible hours, if you miss us please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Once again, we are not set up to make lineup changes or to give weekly results over the phone (sorry!)

Have a great season! - The Scoresheet Gang

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