SCORESHEET BASEBALL: Thoughts on the upcoming 2020 season

July 9th, 2020

Hello Everyone: Leagues that are following our normal supplemental draft schedule (all public/numbered leagues, and any private leagues that followed our normal schedule last year) have now had the web draft schedule for the first two round draft posted to their league website. That draft will begin Wednesday afternoon/evening on July 15th, running until Friday afternoon. To see the schedule, please click on the link on your league's home page called 'www draft schedule and results'. *IF* there is no www draft schedule link on your league web site then we have not scheduled a web draft for your league! If you would like us to schedule a web draft, please let us know to do so.

NOTE: If you took part in a web draft in the pre-season then any players you had listed on your ranking list that are still available will still be in your ranking window. So if you no longer want those players to be part of your ranking list please do remember to erase them. Also, if your ranking list is empty when it is your pick time then the program will simply assign a player to you at your pick time.

When you go to your 'undrafted players and ranking list' page, on the left side of the screen are the available players, with a short list of stats next to their name. Those stats are their numbers from the 2019 season. If you click on the players name he gets added to your ranking list. If you click on the stats next to the player's name though, more complete stats for him are shown in a frame at the bottom of your screen. On the right side of that frame is the player's stats that were used to play the last three weeks of exhibition games. Those stats represent a week's worth of that player's 2020 projected stats. The stats that were used for the week of June 15-21 were the projections supplied by, the stats shown for the week of June 22 thru the 28th are the projections from Baseball Prospectus, and the stats shown for the week of June 29th thru July 5th are the ones supplied by BaseballHQ.

As we have mentioned in various e-mail blasts over the past few weeks, the players that were picked in MLB's June amateur draft are *NOT* eligible to be picked in web drafts until we hold the third supplemental draft (round 40/41), which is currently scheduled to be the week of August 5th. So if you list a player in your ranking list that was a June draftee he will simply be skipped over for this draft (for all leagues.) Also, our usual rule that only players that are on your type of league's (AL or NL) player list can be drafted, does still apply. So no, Mookie Betts is *not* suddenly eligible in NLs to be drafted in round 36.

Our current plan for the normal supplemental draft schedule is that after next week's draft, we will run the second draft July 29th (during the 2nd week of MLB games). Our thinking is that before a few MLB games are played it will be too hard, or too time intensive, to try and figure out what lesser known/available players are likely to be getting playing time in the majors, and to thus be useful to a Scoresheet team. But by waiting until week 2 we will have some MLB stats to look at. And by running the draft during the 2nd week teams would have those two new players added to their rosters in time for week 3, along with having the two players they draft next week available before the season even starts. Then we would do the third draft just one week after the 2nd draft, so on Wednesday August 5th. (That would be the first week that MLB June draftees are eligible in web drafts.) Thus after three weeks of games (really just 2 1/2 weeks since week 1 is just a half week), teams would have 6 more players in addition to the 35 they drafted in the pre-season.

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