SCORESHEET BASEBALL: Thoughts on the upcoming 2020 season

July 4th, 2020

Hello Again: First off, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy July 4th. For Americans it is of course a national holiday. And for everyone else, it is a summer Saturday, which is a good thing, eh?

I quickly wanted to point out that on your league's web site, by clicking on the link titled 'your league's rosters and major league stats' (that link is located near the top of your home page), you can see various stats for all players. To see the players on your team, click on your team's link at the top of the page. The complete stats listed next to each player are their cumulative stats as used so far in our exhibition season, which means they are a combination of the projected stats we used as supplied by Baseball Prospectus, BaseballHQ and RotoWire. If you click on a player's name a frame opens at the bottom of your window. And for each player in that frame, on the left is shown his real life stats from 2018 and 2019. On the right are shown the stats used for him for the final three weeks of the exhibition season. The stats that were used for the week of June 15-21 were the projections supplied by, the stats shown for the week of June 22 thru the 28th are the projections from Baseball Prospectus, and the stats shown for the partial week of June 29th thru July 2nd are the ones supplied by good people of BaseballHQ. Those stats shown for June 29th thru July 2nd are the ones that will be used for our final exhibition games, to be played Monday July 6th.

With the three weeks being shown one after the other you can get an idea of the range of projectons the various sites give for each player. which some of you will hopefully find of interest. Also, some of you may want to turn in one more new lineup for the final week of exhibitions. If you want that used for Monday's games, please send it in by/before 8 AM Pacific time, Monday July 6th.

if you play in a league that usually follows our normal in-season supplental draft schedule, then we will schedule those drafts for you again. A few days from now we will have the supplemental draft schedule for the first draft (rounds 36 and 37) up on your league web site, with that draft running July 15th and 16th.

Enjoy your weekend! - Jeff Barton, Scoresheet Baseball

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