SCORESHEET BASEBALL: Thoughts on Pricing for the upcoming 2020 season

July 14th, 2020

Hello Again: I wanted to send everyone a reminder about the supplemental drafts, the new season schedule, and week 1 deadlines. One thing for sure - this whole COVID delayed season is causing me to issue more updates then I ever have had to send before.

First off, Leagues that are following our normal supplemental draft schedule (all public/numbered leagues, and any private leagues that followed our normal schedule last year) have had the web draft schedule for the first two round draft posted to their league website. That draft will begin Wednesday afternoon/evening on July 15th, running until Friday afternoon. To see the schedule, please click on the link on your league's home page called 'www draft schedule and results'. *IF* there is no www draft schedule link on your league web site then we have not scheduled a web draft for your league! If you would like us to schedule a web draft, please let us know to do so. If you are in a league that starts drafting tomorrow do not forget to have players entered into your draft ranking list on your league's web site before the time of your first pick!

The first two drafts this year will be considered a continuation of the pre-season drafts since there are no standings at all for the first draft starting on the 15th, and just standings from half a week (week 1 is just a half week) for the 2nd draft that will start July 29th. So for those first two drafts we are using the same draft order and rules as in the pre-season, which means no snaking for keeper leagues. The third draft (round 40 and 41 for leagues that drafted the normal 35 rounds in the pre-season) is scheduled to begin on Wednesday August 5th. Like the in-season draft that usually runs two weeks into the season in past years, that round 40/41 draft will draft in reverse order of the standings at that time, and will snake, meaning the last place team drafts first in round 40 and the 1st place team drafts first in round 41. Also, please note (as mentioned numerous times the past few weeks in various e-mails) that the players picked in MLB's amateur draft are not eligible to be picked in a web draft until August 5th. If you have one of those players listed on your ranking list he will be skipped over by the program until the week of the 5th.


The new 2020 season schedule for our 120 game season should be posted to every league's web page by the afternoon of July 18th. Teams will play 12-13 games a week for the 9 1/2 week season, playing 4 or 5 series a week, each series against a different team. To play that many games, each player's MLB stats for the week will be doubled. So if you have Kris Bryant and he gets 30 plate appearances for the Cubs in a week then he could get up to 60 for you that same week. Pitcher starts are also doubled. However, no pitcher can start more then 3 times in a single week, and you do need to use the usual 5 man rotation, meaning that 5 pitchers at a minimum start games each week for your team. Any unused stats will be carried over to use in future weeks. So for instance, if a pitcher has two starts in real life (so would have 4 starts available by the doubling), and he gets the maximum of three starts for your team that week, he would have one start carried over. We will talk more about carry over starts and stats in a future e-mail.


The week 1 lineup/trade deadline is the afternoon of Thursday, July 23rd, when the first MLB game of the season kicks off. If you do not send in a new lineup then whatever the latest lineup you sent in for the exhibition games will be carried over to be used. Though with real baseball starting up we assume that pretty much everyone will want to send in a new lineup for week 1.

Let's all get ready for some baseball. I can not wait! - Jeff Barton, Scoresheet Baseball

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