SCORESHEET BASEBALL: Thoughts on Pricing for the upcoming 2020 season

July 12th, 2020

Hello All: I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

In our semi-weekly updates the last month we have not yet talked about discounts for the shortened 2020 season. Part of that is because we have been quite busy working on all the changes we need to make to acomodate the new season. And partly it is because very few folks have even asked about any special pricing. But brother Dave and I have been discussing it off an on among ourselves, and here are our thoughts.

Our plan is to give everyone that plays this season a $20 credit for next season. That would be $20 off of next year's team fees per team you have paid for this season. And prices next year will remain the same as this year - we are not going to give a credit but then offset that by raising prices on you. NOTE: The $20 credit would be for folks that have paid the normal price of $89 for a public league team or $79 for a private league team. If you paid a special/lesser orphan or introductory price the credit would be 25% of whatever you paid.

The credit of $20 is not larger because a lot of our work and costs (over half of the time and money we spend for a season of baseball) is actually done in the pre-season, starting in December when we pay for and get all the stats to put together the player lists, and then continuing thru the pre-season as we update the web site, tinker with rules, form leagues, run drafts, add players, pay rent, pay our employees, pay our web host, etc etc. And so unfortunately, with much of our expenses being the same whether we have 162 games or 60, I think that roughly $20 is about all we can afford to do and still be able to stay in business.

Meanwhile, we are moving ahead on getting the 2020 baseball season underway. Drafts are set up to run next week for most of our leagues, though if your league still needs a draft scheduled please let us know. The new 2020 schedule (120 game season) should be posted the weekend of July 18th, and the week 1 lineup/trade deadline is the afternoon of Thursday, July 23rd, when MLB plays their first game of the season. We will send out more complete instructions on lineup cards, weekly deadlines, etc., next week.

Play Ball! - Jeff Barton

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