SCORESHEET BASEBALL: August 2nd, 2020 Drafted Players added to Rosters


Hi All: In response to the number of MLB games that were postponed and thus not played week 2, we think that it would be best to make a one time change (for week 2 only) to when we usually add drafted players to rosters. So, the short description is that the players that teams drafted earlier this week are going to be added to rosters and taxi squads effective for week 2 (added to rosters before we play the week 2 games on our computer tomorrow.)

Normally players drafted after the week starts, ie. drafted after the lineup deadline on Monday, do not get added to rosters until the following week. So that would normally mean any players picked in the drafts that most of you took part in that were held July 29th-31st would normally not be available for games week 2 - they would not be added to rosters until the week starting August 3rd, which is week 3. But due to the unforeseen and numerous postponed MLB games this past week, we think a one time change to that procedure is called for. So, for leagues that follow our normal draft schedule and drafted Wednesday thru Friday (July 29, 30 and 31), we are planning on adding those players to rosters and team's taxi squads today, meaning that when the week 2 games are played tomorrow they would be eligible to come in before AAA players are used, as long as the newly drafted players had MLB playing time this week, meaning they would have playing time available for week 2 Scoresheet games. No trades or lineups turned in after Monday's week 2 deadline of July 27th would be used - this would just be a simple adding of your drafted players to rosters and taxi squads for leagues that did a draft this past week.

Usually we dot not add players drafted mid-week to rosters until the following week because player's stats from early in the week are known before they are drafted, and we do not think that teams should be drafting players after seeing them put up great numbers early in the week in hopes they will play for their Scoresheet team that week. But this was a very extraordinary week in MLB with so many games postponed, so we figure we need to make this change to lessen that impact. Also, since folks did not know we would be dong this when they were drafting, we figure this change did not impact how folks actually drafted. But once again, this is planned as a one time change - the draft planned for this next week (week 3, starting Wednesday August 5th) will as usual not have drafted players added to rosters until week 4.

Speaking of next week's draft, those web drafts are scheduled to start Wednesday afternoon, August 5th. The draft schedules will go up on your league web site Monday afternoon, though you can add players to your ranking list before then if you want. Also, players picked in MLB's June amateur draft *WILL* be eligible in drafts starting this upcoming week. And then those players will remain eligible in all drafts going forward.

With the shortened season, and need for more players to fill in, we will be having the 4th in season draft (rounds 42 and 43 for most leagues) during week 4 (Wednesday and Thursday August 12th and 13th). Then the 5th draft will be held a couple of weeks after that. Depending on how the season is going, we may add an extra draft in early September - we will keep you posted.

LINEUP DEADLINE FOR WEEK 3: Finally, please do not forget that any trades or lineup changes you want used for week 3's games need to be sent in BY/BEFORE 3:40 PM Eastern Time/12:40 PM Pacific Time MONDAY August 3rd, which is when the first MLB game begins on Monday. In fairness to the other owners in your league, any lineups sent in after that deadline will not be used until the week 3 games.

You do NOT have to turn in a new lineup for week 3 - if you do not send in a new lineup the program simply uses your week 2 lineup again for week 3. And you do *not* have to wait until Monday to turn in lineup changes - if you have already turned in a new lineup this week for instance, then decide tonite or tomorrow morning to make some changes, you *can* turn in a newer lineup for week 3. If we get multiple lineups from you we will simply use the latest lineup that you turn in before the week 3 deadline.

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